Free TLS 1295 LEA Compressor VST Plugin Goes 64-bit


Tin Brook Tales released an updated version of TLS 1295 LEA, a freeware LA-2A compressor effect in VST plugin format for Windows and Linux.

So, the new year begins with a blast from the past. Tin Brook Tales released multiple freeware VST plugins in the early 2010s. These plugins weren’t really mainstream, but those in the know recommended them as some of the best freeware compressors and limiters on the market.

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Unfortunately, Tin Brook Tales’ old plugins were only compatible with 32-bit VST plugin hosts on Windows. As time went on, most users switched to 64-bit Windows installations, and these old freeware gems were forgotten.

Until now, that is!

TLS 1295 LEA is a compressor plugin inspired by the LA-2A limiting amplifier, and it’s now available in 64-bit VST plugin format from Windows and Linux. In addition to the new 64-bit version, TLS 1295 LEA now also comes with an updated user interface and more features than before.

Take a closer look at TLS 1295 LEA user interface below.

TLS 1295 LEA is inspired by the LA-2A limiting amplifier.

TLS 1295 LEA is inspired by the LA-2A limiting amplifier.

Whereas the TLS 1295 LEA plugin does borrow its core functionality from the original LA-2A units, it adds numerous added features and workflow enhancements. The user can fine-tune almost every parameter, from the envelope timing and saturation level to the side-chain high-pass filter and dry/wet mix levels.

The plugin also features a gain reduction meter, a clipping indicator, copy/paste functionality, A/B testing, and built-in MIDI learn. Select any parameter and assign a MIDI CC to it.

TLS 1295 LEA is one of the best freeware compressor plugins around. If you liked Molotok by Tokyo Dawn Records, consider adding TLS 1295 LEA to your plugin arsenal. These two compressors complement each other rather well.

Check out the official TLS 1295 LEA demo video below.

TLS 1295 LEA is available for free download from the developer’s DropBox account. However, I’m linking to the KVR Audio forum thread where you can find the download link and more information about the plugin.

At the moment, only TLS 1295 LEA was updated with a 64-bit version for Windows. Here’s hoping that some other Tin Brook Tales will get the same treatment later this year.

More info: Tin Brook Tales (240 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows & Linux)

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  1. Interesting sound to this one. Kinda thick, kinda puffy. Very versatile depending on how you set the settings… for example on a drum loop i was able to make it respond to only the snare while keeping the kick and hats mostly untouched in a really nice way. I found for deep reaction on non-loud material i had to boost the input gain with an extra plugin which is not a problem. Seems meant for “swimming in compression”. It clips like analog with too hot of level so between that and the timid threshold, careful gainstaging is key.

  2. I’m gonna download this! Very glad the developer took this time. We’d all wish that TDR’s old x32 plugins would be available in x86! (Nasty DLA, Density, etc)

  3. Synthiemental


    TBT back on the scene, yay! Now we need Bootsy / Variety Of Sound to come back into the 64bit Era! Speaking of it, the LEA has some sonic similarities with the ThrillseekerLA (not too surprising). Haven’t found anything like ThrillseekerVBL in the 64bit universe yet though.

      • Synthiemental


        Yeah, Bootsy’s Stateful Saturation was quite a gamechanger, yet today we still see big commercial plugin developers selling overpriced static waveshapers as “analog emulations” to naive customers.

        Ferric TDS did everything right: tape saturation & compression without the unpleasant artefacts & “lofi beats to study to” type overdone wonkiness.

        Fabien & Vlad need to finally get Bootsy back into the DSP lab to brew some 64bit magic antidote to sterile sounding digital tracks together.

          • Synthiemental


            Sure, but we’d love to see a 64 bit dynamics plugin with the stateful saturation. In TDR / VOS Slick EQ the sonic footprint of the saturation is deliberately kept very low, ThrillseekerVBL on the other hand can be driven into quite obvious territory. In combination with the great compression action it exhibits a unique, very analog like character.

    • Absolutely this. We’ve asked him many times but he insists its not necessary because you can bridge it. They really are amazing plugins.

    • ThrillseekerVBL is amazing, I recently installed it again and it gives a unique game, picks up those tracks that are missing something …

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    Meanwhile Plugin Boutique really lowered the bar with January gift. Considering latest additions in November and December this isn’t especially inviting.

    • yeah lmao, it’s either yet another poor W.A. plugin that sells for €10, or a COURSE in compression, while there are numerous videos explaining the concept. seems like a lot of companies are lowering their standards, though in november had reason lite, and december had that vintage compressor which was nice, but now it’s real disappointing.

      bet you €10 that fundamental bass will go free in 2021

      • Michal Ochedowski


        Well, I think we have to give it up to Plugin Alliance. They really came through last December with their 20 USD/no minimum spend vouchers, which could be used three times. What’s more they rolled out those two welcome-21 vouchers in 2021. That’s a huge deal for musicians using their stuff. Competition is fierce, at least for some companies :)

        • while i’m well grateful for the vouchers, plugin alliance should be a bit careful with the distribution of so many voucher. Just in that 30 day span, i picked up everything i could want from the site. So i think they should watch out for saturation

  5. hätte es gerne weiter benutzt , denn es klingt wirklich gut . aber leider verursacht es einen bösen crash , in wavelab 9.5 (win 8.1 , 64 bit) , wenn ich das plugin nach dem rendern aus dem plugin-slot entferne ! kritischer fehler … wavelab schliesst sofort ;( schade … hoffe auf nen patch .

  6. Have you noticed that Variety of Sound’s facebook is back on track after 5 years? has published 2 posts in the last days … I have not found a replacement for jewels like Thrillseeker VBL, Ferric, etc … Can we dream of reissues of its 64-bit plugins? Please, yesssss!!!!!

  7. antti maatteri


    put that thing on a track master and it does a pretty nice job in tingling out the heavy distorted synth parts in relation to the drums.
    nicely done. cool offering for 2021 too, thx.

  8. Can’t believe I never heard of this Limiter, it is a game changer and it’s free, you are a GENIUS!!
    It sounds so damn good, THANK YOU!!

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