Audiolatry Releases FREE Electric Piano Plugin


Audiolatry recently launched a new Electric Piano plugin, and it’s free! This is the latest in a series of piano VST plugins that includes a Grand Piano and an Upright Piano.

To create the Electric Piano plugin, Audiolatry sampled two classic electric pianos. The first one has a smooth, bright tone, whereas the second one has a sharp, treble-y feel to it.

These tones are well-suited for Lo-Fi, Jazz, Chillout, and Pop music. But they’d work for any Urban style.

The interface is simple yet sleek. There are four large knobs – Attack, Release, Reverb, and Volume (from left to right). And in the middle, you have buttons and knobs to activate and adjust a Tremolo effect as well as a Hi-pass/Low-pass Filter.

So navigating the plugin is super easy, and you won’t waste time fiddling with complex settings. The default tone when you open the plugin is surprisingly usable, so you can just get to creating melodies.

The visual display of the notes being played onscreen is a nice aesthetic touch.

There are two velocity layers on each piano preset here, so while the dynamics aren’t the best, they’re still great for a free plugin.

Do note that the sounds are sampled in 24-bit, 48KHz, so you should set your DAW and audio interface to the same settings for best performance (and to avoid unnecessary resampling).

This Electric Piano plugin is available as a VST2 and VST3, so, unfortunately, macOS users can’t try it out just yet. It’s compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10, and they plan to release a macOS version soon.

The plugin’s performance is excellent. The RAM usage was low, and there wasn’t much CPU overhead. So you could easily run multiple instances in a DAW with no issues.

You can watch this quick video to get an idea of the plugin’s tonal qualities.

So what do you need to do to try out this simple and beautiful piano?

Just head on over to Audiolatry, click on the ‘Free Download’, enter your email address, and download it. The download size is only 181 MB, but the installed plugin will take 338 MB on your hard disk.

And if you like the software, you should definitely donate and support the developers! They’ve created an incredible-sounding plugin for free, after all.

Download: Electric Piano (181 MB download size, 64-bit VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows)

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