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2 released a free Elektron Model:Samples sample pack (WAV format) crafted by RedStripeDown.

Model:Samples is the affordable and highly portable groovebox manufactured by Elektron. It comes with 300 built-in sounds, but you can expand it with external sounds, too.

RedStripeDown and released a free expansion pack for the Model:Samples groovebox. You can download the sounds for free and instantly transfer them to your hardware sampler.

However, since the sounds are provided in WAV format, you can use them in any other sampler plugin or digital audio workstation. So, if you’re looking for ready-to-use sample kits for creative beat-making, these are worth checking out even if you don’t own Model:Samples.

Here’s a video that shows the Model:Samples hardware unit in action (you can hear some of the sounds from the free sample pack, too):

Right of the bat, I have to highlight that these samples aren’t “clean” nor “pristine-sounding.”

On the contrary, the provided sample collection is dirty, crispy, noisy, and lo-fi. If these keywords describe the type of sound you’re into, then keep reading by all means.

The sample pack contains 64 audio samples sorted into eight kits, with eight samples per kit. You can, of course, mix and match the different kits, but the sounds in each kit were paired to work well together.

Here’s the official product description from

“RedStripeDown created this free, exclusive sample pack for Reverb and Elektron. It includes 8 different drum kits, each including 8 individual kick, snare, clap, and other percussion sounds. All sounds are in the easy-to-use wav file format. They’ll sound great in the Elektron Model:Samples but will work in any other audio sampler or DAW.”

The sounds are crunchy and gritty, with an intentional lo-fi vibe. I love using sample kits like these because of these slight imperfections – they always inspire me to make groovy drum loops with a wonky type of feel.

It’s also nice to be able to drag and drop some samplers into a sampler, knowing that they will sound together because someone already matched them beforehand.

I don’t own a Model:Samples hardware unit, but I tested the samples in Sitala (you can also try Speedrum Lite or Grooove BPB), and they worked great.

To grab your free copy of the sample pack, log in to your user account and visit the product page linked below.

For more drum samples, check out our free drum kits page.

Download: Elektron Model:Samples Sample Pack (3.22 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 64 audio samples in WAV format)

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