Xpander Is A FREE Stereo Widener Plugin By OZ-Soft


OZ-Soft releases Xpander, a freeware stereo widener effect in VST plugin format for Windows and macOS.

Xpander is a multi-effect designed to widen and enhance the stereo image. It combines stereo widening, stereo detuning, unison, chorus, ensemble, and EQ to achieve the final result.

The interface features three panels (Widener, Unisono, Enhancer), each with different control parameters. The user can adjust the intensity of each effect and customize various parameters to come up with unique sounds.

The Widener panel lets you adjust the stereo width and modulation speed, size, and size modulation. It is perfect for expanding the stereo width of “narrow” sounds.

The Unisono panel layers and detunes the incoming audio signal to get a “fatter” sound. You can fine-tune the dry/wet mix, the detuning intensity and set the number of layers with the Phatt knob.

The Enhance panel is essentially a two-band EQ that lets you shape the signal’s frequency response. Boost the high frequencies to make the sound crisper and more prominent in the mix.

I already own a couple of excellent stereo enhancers (Wider by Polyverse Music is one of my go-to plugins for this task), but I like Xpander’s wider (ha!) feature set. It never hurts to have a few extra options in the creative sound design department, so I guess I’m adding Xpander to my plugin arsenal.

Here’s the official product description from OZ-Soft:

“Expand your stereo image. Transform the lifeless thin sounds into warm and rich-sounding tones. Mono to stereo, stereo to super-wide, and everything in between. Combined with its impressive Unisono FX, it’s like transforming a dead wasteland into a lively and vivid jungle.”

You can hear the plugin in action in the demo video below:

OZ-Soft is a software label launched by Ummet Ozcan, a DJ and record producer from Putten, Gelderland. He released the Genesis CM synthesizer (a Computer Music exclusive) a long while ago. It was a unique virtual instrument back in the day, with hundreds of ready-to-use presets.

They recently released Genesis Pro, a supper-affordable (€1 retail price) updated version of the original Genesis CM synthesizer. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into EDM and dance music.

Xpander is available for free download from the OZ-Soft website. You’ll need to register an OZ-Soft user account (or sign in to your existing account).

Download: Xpander (11.4 MB download size, EXE installer, 64-bit VST plugin for Windows & macOS)

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