LoFi Pitch Dropout Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


Yum Audio’s LoFi Pitch Dropout (retail $75) is FREE with any paid purchase at ADSR Sounds until December 31st, 2021.

We previously reviewed a bunch of Yum Audio plugins, and truthfully, they were all delightful. All of them have really interesting effects with gorgeous-looking interfaces.

LoFi Pitch Dropout is a unique modulation plugin that mimics an old tape playback system getting stuck. Put simply, it adds random pitch errors to your sound based on your chosen frequency.

There are six different modes to choose from – Vintage Player, Pyramid, Driplets, Heavy Drop, Broken VHS, and Cassette Flux. Each of these offers a different flavor to the pitch-shifting effect, so you can choose what fits your track.

The Chance knob lets you choose the frequency of random pitch errors, but if you want granular control, you can automate the ‘Dropout’ button in your DAW and trigger them manually as required.

Using this plugin is super easy – choose your mode, adjust its intensity, fine-tune the Chance knob to get your desired frequency (or sync it to your DAW), and watch the real-time waveform display as it creates drop-outs in your track.

The customizability doesn’t stop there, as you can set the Channel mode to Stereo and have different pitch errors in each channel.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, check out this demo video:

LoFi Pitch Dropout is compatible with both Windows and macOS, and is available in the 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX formats, so it’ll work with practically all DAWs.

ADSR Sounds are still continuing their Black Friday sale this week, so if you missed any of their hot deals, now’s the time to get it. And you’ll get this unique plugin for free!

If you’re creating any form of electronic music – Trap, Hip-Hop, Techno, or just some chill Lo-Fi beats, then the LoFi Pitch Dropout can add some much-needed flavor to your music. And honestly, it’s just fun to mess around with to see what comes up!

And if you like getting bonus free plugins with your purchase, check out Plugin Boutique’s latest freebie offer.

More info: LoFi Pitch Dropout (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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