BPB Dirty Spring Is A FREE Spring Reverb VST/AU Plugin


Bedroom Producers Blog releases BPB Dirty Spring, a freeware spring reverb effect in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

BPB Dirty Spring is a free spring reverb VST plugin with a built-in bitcrusher. It’s a FREE gift for all BPB readers (thank you all for your continued support). ❤️

If you asked me what my favorite type of effect is, I couldn’t give you a single answer. I love using filters, saturation effects, spring reverbs, and tape delays.

The first two are already available as freeware plugins here on Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB Dirty Filter and BPB Saturator), so I guess it was time to follow up with a spring reverb (and hopefully that tape delay is coming soon 🤞).

Here's a closer look at BPB Dirty Spring.

Here’s a closer look at BPB Dirty Spring.

Btw, I’ve been planning to release this as a Black Friday freebie for months, so it’s a pure coincidence that Waves Audio also released a free spring reverb today. The more, the merrier, though!

BPB Dirty Spring is a simple plugin designed to sound good out-of-the-box. It’s easy to use, too. Adjust the Decay and Tone knobs to get the desired spring reverb character. You can preview it by pushing the Kick button (it simulates kicking/hitting a hardware spring delay).

The Pre knob adjusts the pre-delay time, which can be used to achieve some interesting echo/delay effects. I showed all of this briefly in the quick video demo that you can watch below.

BPB Dirty Spring’s “secret sauce” is the built-in bitcrusher. Placing a bitcrusher on reverb isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so the feature is completely bypassed by default. However, I love crunchy-sounding spring reverbs, and I highly recommend giving this feature a try.

There are several bitcrushing modes to choose from, ranging from very subtle to over-the-top. Try using some of these on sampled drums to get that classic 8-bit sampler effect.

Use a short Decay setting and adjust the Mix knob so that the bitcrushed signal is just a subtle lo-fi layer. Or, crank up the Decay and enjoy the sound of an extremely lo-fi spring reverb.

BPB Dirty Spring is free to download and use. No authorization is required. Visit the download page linked below and enter your email address to get the download link (subscribing to BPB’s newsletter is entirely optional).

Download: BPB Dirty Spring (8.08 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST2/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. This has much better sound and choice of parameters than the Waves Black Friday offering (similar idea though, which is funny). Thanks Tomi & BPB team

  2. I like the sound, but not the look of the skin,
    we always prefer the better because we are creators,
    artists who also take care of good aesthetics.

  3. Thanks Tomislav, I love these spring reverbs, and this one is very easy to use, I’m going to test it thoroughly !!! Thanks again!!!

  4. AMAZING!!! If I’m not wrong there’s no post that gather all BPB plugins together, would come in handy! Cause their GUI are similar, which is also cool that you have your own aesthetic. Actually the “bpb” logo is nice and doesn’t downgrade the plugins! like it happens with the ComputerMusic logo on their free plugins… they make you feel the poorest producer on Earth :D

  5. Thanks so much Tomislav & BPB, this sounds awesome & i like the extra option of ‘Dirt’ as well, thats a nice touch. Great work & this is very much appreciated. All working perfectly on my system 😉☘️❤️

  6. Hey Tomislav and team! Thanks so much for publishing this awesome plugin. I can’t get it working on my computer though, am wondering by chance can you advise? Am running MacOS 10.12.6 with Logic Pro 10.2.2. Any info appreciated – thank you!

  7. Such a nice spring reverb for a 2600 vibe on synths, tho I was using ye olde U-NO 62 with it. :-) Is it me or when you go dirty, you can’t get clean anymore? (Win7 x64) Would love to be able to ‘play’ the Kick with MIDI, including velocity, hehe.
    Thank you for this gem and for Win7 support, I’m looking at you, BPB Saturator… >_<

    • Mmm, so… Dirt knob. I can go to LOW, MID and HI+ and come back to OFF no problem, but once I reached the MPC mode, I cannot get OFF to work anymore. Win7 64bit. Automation parameter going to OFF apparently. Can anybody confirm? Ah, who cares, can’t get mad at a little bit of spring just before winter.

  8. james richardson


    love your blog and your plugins. this one however isnt working in pro tools 10 for me. when i boot up pro tools is says the plugin is missing its ilok license.

  9. so unfair! i never get any mail to get any BPB notification in my mail to download a free reverb pluggin. its so unfair **gnashes teeth**

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