Evanescent Baby Grand Piano Is FREE For A Limited Time


For the next 17 days, users can get Evanescent, a sampled virtual piano instrument, for FREE ($14 value).

An excellent virtual piano instrument is essential to every producer. Evanescent allows musicians to create accurate sounding piano sounds by sampling real pianos recorded by not one but multiple microphones.

Samples within this plugin have been recorded with four well-known microphones, giving you a wide range of variables to control and hone your desired sound.

The interface of this plugin is pretty simple. At the top is an array of basic FX such as an HPF, LPF, and Reverb/Delay. The developers even claim that they feature basic effects because it “allows you to use the FX you’re already familiar with.”

Users can then select between popular mics such as the AKG-414 and Shure SM57 (easily one of the most famous instrument mics).

Evanescent makes it easy to combine these microphones and choose your desired gain, pan, etc.

The result is a powerful and rich piano sound that takes unique elements of each mic and puts them all together into one unique sound.

Once the mics are selected, one final master FX panel controls modifiers such as reverb, delay, feel, and width.

There are ten factory presets to choose from for those who want great sounds right out of the box.

I found that presets such as Depths Pad could easily add a rich texture to tracks in various genres such as deep or progressive house.

Evanescent was designed to be very easy on your CPU, which is great for producers who want a quality sampled grand piano instrument that doesn’t overload their computer as many other popular samplers do.

Download and installation of this plugin are reasonably straightforward. Follow the link to the VSTALARM website, add Evanescent to your cart, and follow checkout instructions. You’ll then receive an email that directs you to the New Nation website.

Repeat these steps mentioned above on the New Nation website, apply the discount code provided in the email, and you’ll receive download/installation instructions!

Evanescent works on Mac/Windows with any DAW that accepts VST3 and AU plugin formats.

Download: Evanescent Baby Grand Piano (free until June 9th)


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  1. Michal Ochedowski


    Buckle up for quite a journey, if you are interested in this plugin :D I had to jump through a few hoops, but I finally got it. May its sound be worth the effort.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Haha! Yeah, sometimes freebies are like that. Interested in hearing your thoughts about the plugin!

    • I almost got fooled thinking it was an easy one click download, seeing the first page download here option :-D

  2. I always roll eyes when sampled instruments plugins don’t show photos of the sampling session, even if it’s recorded at your parents living room it levels up a lot the plugin. To me when photos are missing it didn’t happen lol

  3. Mauricio Luque


    I can’t download and install more plugins!
    There are too many equalizers, compressors, pianos, synths …

    I will only install game-changers plugins … and none of these has appeared in the last months.

    • Why does every instrument need its own plug-in? I don’t want 100 plugins for 100 different instruments. Make it Kontakt/East West/etc. or just a sample folder for Logic’s Sampler or your favorite sampler.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Mauricio, I know, I felt the same many times. I’m actually working on an ebook that will include all the must-have (game-changer) free plugins needed for music production. I will be my personally curated list of free plugins. It’s coming soon and it will be available on BPB’s Patreon page (in the next month or so).

  4. OTT to make sound flat on any track, bus, master if you need. Am not kidding. put the Depth 20%-60%(when the sauce is harshy, take it higher), increase(or decrease) the Input looking at the bar in “low” section NOT hitting the black bar. Then ajust the Output. DoNot touch other nobs basically(but time).
    Gsat+ for MS saturation. Gain the input looking at VU meter then decrease Output gain. choose Mid or Side listening to the whole mix. Character is clean or warm. Any stage, hi fluctuation, gain Odd to be sharp, Even to be warm(hear and do).
    TUBA as an exciter on bus or master channel if it needs. Only do put the high nob +3dB
    E-phonic Xpressor for parallel compression on the bus or master. 400-500Hz low cut, 10-30 drive, 7-9k high cut, Low amount for Dynamics, then mix 30-40%(hear it).
    Good delay, reverb have good organic modulations. Try many and get your favorite. When you check the sound of the reverb plugins, listen to the difference of the low-mid sounds.

    Not about plugins, but important advice for super high and super low equalization. you should cut under 50-75Hz over 9k-10kHz on the first tarm of mixing(it means make a good cut-curve from around 100-200Hz and 7k-9kHz. Keep natural) using master channel. Sub make the song heavier, Super high do it closer. Should work for them later. When you notice that EQ makes the “location” or “space” of sound, try to use Pultec emulation EQ.

  5. The path to download this plugin sucks it’s so much crap that it ends up not being worth it, I don’t understand why they have to make it so difficult, anyway thanks for the article.

    • MultipliedCow


      It honestly isn’t very difficult. The plugin is free. If it takes an extra minute to get someone’s hard work for free, I have no complaint. I can’t imagine my time being that precious. Especially, considering you took the time to return here and post a negative comment. I had the plugin in less than 5 minutes from discovery on this site to loaded in my DAW. I hope your instant gratification is not indicative of your work. Patience is an essential virtue.

  6. Sheesh, what an installation path 😅 by the way I don’t really like the sound of this plugin. I want to remove my account from their website so they can’t email me in the future.
    Anyone know how to remove my profile/account? There’s not even a hint on how to do this anywhere on their website…

  7. Frits van Zanten


    I think plug-ins that require full name, home address etc are not free, you pay for them with your personal data. I even sometimes suspect the business model of some ‘free plug-in’ makers is selling these data, earning money that way. I refuse to give those data when there is no formal payment relationship. No offense , but I think this requirement should be mentioned in BPB. The industry, on their turn, should make it standard that free plugins require no full (zip code, state etc.) home address data. I noticed a few times that after getting a free plug in I got spammed for weeks, with easily twenty mails every day (mortgages, retirement plans, gun offers, vitamin pills, ukranian women and of course viagra). So I’ll pass on this one.

    • MultipliedCow


      That’s why I don’t use any real info on these. I have an email dedicated to plugins and an address that doesn’t exist. If they start sending junk, it doesn’t mess up my legitimate email. There is no reason for anyone to have my home address when I am downloading a plugin, free or not.

  8. drunkenjesus


    Doesn’t work on windows 7 on my pc not sure why, had another issue with a plug-in from plugin boutique that also used .hri files for samples must be something similar to maize sampler with all these sample based vsts popping up

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