Ginger Audio Releases FREE GroundControl Caster Virtual Mixer (macOS)


Ginger Audio releases GroundControl Caster, a FREE virtual mixer for macOS. The company also offers Caster Live ($49.99), the paid version of the software with additional features.

Around a year ago, we looked at GroundControl Room from Ginger Audio. GroundControl Room provides many routing and monitoring options to help you integrate the various elements of your studio.

We also had GroundControl Cube, a free and lightweight version back then.

Now, we have GroundControl Caster (free) and Caster Live ($49.99). The free version replaces GroundControl Cube as the entry-level option.

Before we get into it, the free version has fewer features than the paid version. So, check out the comparison on the product page for a detailed breakdown of each version.

GroundControl Caster

GroundControl Caster is aimed at anyone who creates online content (podcasters, gamers, teachers) and anyone who needs an easier way to manage/control audio sources.

As well as helping you organize and control your audio, this software can make your voice sound better, too. If you want to get closer to that golden age of radio voice without forking out for a Neumann U87, or even a Shure SM7B, GroundControl Caster can help.

Users can access a few free plugins, including Voice Radio and Voice Purity.

Voice Radio enhances your voice, bringing it closer to the silky-smooth radio tone, while Voice Purity removes any unwanted noise with advanced Neural Networks technology.

The free version only offers one application track, but the paid version has eight, which allows you to separate multiple audio sources. When separating audio sources, you’ll get dedicated volume control per application.

Caster supports all microphones, headsets, headphones, and audio interface types (connect up to six audio devices).

Caster Live

Caster Live allows you to map your MIDI controllers and be more hands-on for users who prefer a tactile approach. You can use hotkeys to speed up the workflow while operating the app.

In addition to those extra features, Caster Live can run up to eight application tracks and use up to six microphones or device input tracks. It also features Voice Purity (AI Noise suppression) and Voice Radio (voice exciter) plugins for real-time voice enhancement.

Whether organizing or recording your Mac audio, Caster’s main appeal is as a utility tool, but it can also help with the creative side of your content.

It has a Soundboard feature that allows you to trigger soundbites anytime. You can use custom samples or sounds from the included packs. It’s an easy way to include intro/outro stings for a more polished product or even sponsored promos and humor throughout your stream.

Admittedly, my experience with soundboards comes from making prank calls in my high school days. Childish? Absolutely! But I was a teenager, and I had many people arguing over the phone with Dr. Phil and Jack Nicholson, so I don’t regret it.

If the free version isn’t enough, you can get 10% off Caster Live by subscribing to the Ginger Audio newsletter.

GroundControl Caster is compatible with Apple M1 and requires macOS 10.13 or higher.

Download: GroundControl Caster


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  1. Thanks for everything James, great news 🙏😉☘️❤️
    Both options look very useful as do the voice plug-ins as well💡

      • I see what you mean, it appears to be the same installer for the voice plug-ins, as the actual Caster app and this app doesn’t work on my system either (High Sierra) sent an email to support

    • thank you!! coming out of the group buy (which is stil going on for a day or 2) and getting all 42 plugins at 100 and below (with a “used” plugin), this is great considering i did not qualify for anything above 100.
      also love that the comment section of this blog is where all the news are lmao
      thanks again

      • can somebody tell me if this plugins has presets? they don’t show, despite most other IK plugins having presets. but i also have the habit of deleting the plugins i don’t own, after a t-racks install. in this case i just put them back in their folders and reauthorized. but no presets :)

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