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For a limited time, VSTBuzz offers the Moog-emulating Minimonsta plugin by GForce Software for $29. That is 76% off its original price ($119).

Minimonsta emulates the legendary Minimoog analog synthesizer while offering features like polyphony, advanced modulation, and over 6,000 sound presets.

First released in the early ‘70s, the Minimoog was one of the first commercially available hardware synthesizers.

Before the Minimoog, synthesizers were big, expensive, and unreachable to most musicians and producers. The introduction of a smaller, relatively cheap analog synthesizer made this technology much more accessible to everyday musicians.

Now that we’re in the modern era of electronic music production and virtual synthesizers, many companies have created emulations of the famous Minimoog.

GForce Software claims that “Minimonsta takes a radically different look at this vintage masterpiece and operates on two levels.”

Just like the original Minimoog, Minimonsta features three individually modifiable oscillators. Each oscillator has a knob allowing users to select their range and waveform.

The user interface of this plugin is easy-to-use and resembles the original Moog synthesizer. Beyond the oscillators, there are numerous other controls such as tune, glide, mod mix, delay, HPF/LPF, and overall output.

Although this Minimoog emulation is intuitive, not everyone wants to dive deep into understanding the synthesizers.

For those looking to plug and play, the Minimonsta comes with over 6000+ patches, all accessible from a built-in patch selector.

Users can quickly morph between patches as they choose by hitting different black keys on their keyboard with Melohman Morph control.

A considerable differentiation between the Minimonsta and its original analog predecessor is the ability to work with multiple LFOs.

In the LFO section, there are several waveforms along with amp, delay, and sync options. In addition, there is a standard rack of ADSR controls.

LFOs and ADSR controls can be individually applied to most parameters within the Minimonsta, giving producers a range of control beyond the original analog Minimoog.

For those looking to add their touch to this instrument via a Midi-keyboard, the Minimonsta has a full array of dynamic Midi controls, such as velocity and after-touch.

Additionally, there are a handful of Midi response curves to choose from so keyboard players can hone their desired sound!

To purchase this plugin, follow the link to the VSTBuzz website. Once you’ve checked out, you’ll receive a link to an external website where you’ll be required to create an account to download/install the plugin.

Minimonsta is available to macOS users with Apple silicon via Rosetta 2. It is compatible with macOS 10.7 – 10.15 and Monterey (it will not work with macOS Big Sur).

For PC users, this plugin will work on Windows XP and newer. Minimonsta comes as a standalone plugin or in AU, AAX, and VST formats.

More info: Minimonsta (76% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. Sleeper Service


    Are there any commenters here who’ve used this? There are a lot of paid Minimoog VSTs out there, how does this one compare?

    • You will need a magnifying glass to be able to read the controls of the GUI on modern hi-rez screen.
      It is a long time now since any major update was done to Minimonsta, last year it was given away free to Novation’s Sound Collective Members.

    • @ Sleeper Service
      If you’re after a decent mini moog emulation, you will find (whilst not perfect in every detail,) this stacks up well against the competition.
      If you’re interested in how well, I believe Starsky Carr on youtube, has a very detailed Mini Moog face off comparing this and other well known emulations. I would also recommend his channel if you’re into detailed comparisons of electronic instruments.
      In short, (Ihmo) at this price, with the selection of presets available, you can’t really go wrong.

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