FluidShell Releases FREE Moog Grandmother Clone For NI Kontakt


FluidShell Design releases LITTLEMOMMY, a free Kontakt library (requires the full version of NI Kontakt) inspired by the Moog Grandmother synthesizer.

If you’re a Moog fan (and who isn’t?), then you should check out this new Kontakt library by FluidShell Design – the LITTLEMOMMY, a semi-realistic analog synthesizer.

The library is a free download from the developer’s website. It is compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt v6.5, 6.6, and above (note that it will only work in demo mode in Kontakt Player).

LITTLEMOMMY is based on the iconic Moog Grandmother analog synthesizer, but it doesn’t actually use those samples. Instead, they have used simple waveforms to replicate the vintage synth’s tones.

So don’t expect this plugin to be a perfect replica of the Grandmother – it’s merely a creative redesign. They did make it look just like the Moog, though.

The interface’s simple, hardware-inspired design is easily recognizable to any Moog fan. There are many knobs here, so it may take a while to navigate all of them and understand their functions.

Like its inspiration, the LITTLEMOMMY has several effects onboard – an LFO, Envelope, Oscillators, High-Pass, Low-Pass, Chorus, and Delay. The cables that tie these effects together provide a very nice aesthetic touch.

To get an idea of what this free sample-based synth is capable of, watch this quick video:

But in my experience, its sonic potential leaves much to be explored. Even with minor changes, you can get interesting variations in your tone.

And this is not FluidShell’s first forage into modular synthesizers. Previously, they’ve released several great plugins that are all FREE! Here’s a quick list:

  • MALOSY – MAgnetic LOop SYnthesizer similar to a Mellotron;
  • REPLIKANT – Rompler that generates atmospheric layers;
  • DR-001 – A modified recreation of the BOSS DR-110;
  • OUIJA – An immersive and mysterious sound design tool;
  • NOISEBOX) – A unique, atypical instrument.
  • K-OSC – A virtualized version of John KRISCHER’s Polyphonic Analogue Drone Synthesizer

You could even combine several of these plugins and use the power of Kontakt’s internal routing to create some sick layered melodies within minutes!

So if you were looking for some innovative Kontakt libraries to try out, or you just want another Moog synth plugin to add to your ever-growing collection, you should check this out.

And as always, donate to the developers if you like their plugins!

By the way, we’re used to multi-gigabyte Kontakt libraries, so it’s pretty unusual to see one that’s a mere 6 MB download. Pretty cool!

Download: LITTLEMOMMY (6.77 MB download size, ZIP archive, NKI patches for Native Instruments Kontakt v6.5 and above)

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  1. If you do not own Kontakt, or even if you do, you’d be pleased to know that the raw samples are basic WAV files. Of all their offering. Enjoy!

    • If you want something similar for free, one of the co-founders for Spitfire made a site called pianobook.co.uk. It has tons of sample packs of pianos, wind instruments, synths, etc. that work in Kontakt, but they also come in Decent Sampler and SFZ format, which are free.

  2. FluidShell Design


    Hello guys!
    Thanks a lot for this news on BPB.

    Minor edit: LittleMommy is now fueled with real GrandMa samples provided by Push-Pull but it’s not a faithfull reproduction of the real synth. It’s close (but no cigar :p).

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