Samplab 2 Pushes The Boundaries Of Working With Samples


Samplab releases Samplab 2, an updated edition of the innovative AI-powered sample manipulation tool available as standalone software and a VST3/AU plugin.

As a music producer, it’s always exciting to see innovative new tools get released that push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

Samplab 2, the self-titled sample manipulation utility from Samplab, is a VST3/AU plugin that does just that. It uses advanced features and AI integration to challenge what we previously thought a sampler could be.

Samplab 2 is a VST plugin instrument designed to make working with samples easy and fun. The software is available as both a free and paid ($9.99/month) version. The free version clocks in with a 10-second max sample length, a mono output, and real-time warping functionality.

Upgrade to the paid version, and you will get an unlimited sample length, stereo output, advanced note control, and both real-time and advanced warping.

Samplab 2 Free is a fully capable sample mangler. You can load samples (up to 10 seconds in length) and change their pitch, length, and other parameters on the piano roll. It opens up countless possibilities for creative sample mangling and works particularly well on vocals and drums.

Although the free version is quite powerful as is, you can choose to opt-in for the full edition that lets you fine-tune the pitch and pan position of notes within a polyphonic sample—individually—from directly inside the plugin.

In fact, Samplab 2 not only handles polyphonic melodic instrument parts easily but can work with polyphonic drums and percussion tracks as well. It makes transcribing and separating drum parts a breeze.

Furthermore, it features an advanced warping algorithm that can intelligently and quickly match multiple samples to the same key and tempo. This makes it quick and easy to work with samples from entirely different sources.

As far as compatibility goes, Samplab 2 supports most DAWs on the market. This includes Ableton Live, Studio One, FL Studio, Bitwig, and more.

It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS. However, it’s recommended to keep at least four gigabytes of memory regardless of your OS.

Overall, Samplab 2 is an innovative sampler instrument that pushes the boundaries of what it means to work with samples in a musical context. It includes advanced functionality that should improve the experience of any music professional, yet is easy to understand and thus perfect for beginners.

Download: Samplab 2 (FREE version available)


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    • Unfortunately we can’t sell a permanent license because the transformations rely on running servers. As a young startup company we can’t sell the promise of keeping them running until the end of time. (Also because the sun will eventually expand and swallow the earth and that’s where our servers are) Note that you can keep all the work you have already transformed with samplab forever, so downgrading from premium will not destroy any of your work. Hope this helps to understand why we have to rely on the subscription model.

      Gian-Marco from Samplab

  1. Yep. Unfortunately. Looks great, though. But, I don’t do subscriptions. That’s the second unacceptable thing for me, right
    next to ILok. I’m afraid we’ll see more and more of subscription based software in the future. Oh well…

    • I’ll hold strong with you, brother! Let’s make sure companies know that we, at the very least, want a one-time purchase option before we’ll invest in their products. Only subscription I’d do is something like Loopcloud, which has been great for me so far and it’s easy to just purchase a month, use it for a while, and cancel renewal, and they refund accidental renewals without issue. But for things like plugins and creative software (my first time seeing this was with Adobe Creative Cloud; did they start this trend themselves, or were there others before?) I’m sticking with things that’ll let me use perpetually and without internet access. I make it a point to have everything I need from creative software to videos I value available without internet for travel, camping, and to last through power/internet outages, blackouts, censorship, etc.

      • If you don’t understand, this plugin is rather a wrapper for cloud like Loopcloud. Why Loopcloud doesn’t allow one-time purchase? Same reason as here – someone has to pay for servers where the data is processing.

    • All AI services are running on remote servers, that’s why the companies offer subscription model. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to set a proper price.

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