Get Digital Brain Instruments Oscar For FREE With Any Purchase


Oscar Tone & Noise Generator by Digital Brain Instruments is FREE with any purchase on the ADSR Sounds store in February.

The Digital Brain Instruments plugin is available on PC and Mac (for 64-bit only) and would normally set you back $59.

Oscar is a complex tone and noise generator for testing and analysis purposes or for any audio tone-related purpose, such as binaural beats or Chladni patterns.

You can get a handle on exactly what Oscar offers by hearing it in action on the Digital Brain Instruments YouTube demonstration.

The standalone plugin has three oscillators with adjustable shapes and a noise generator with an adjustable noise type.

The oscillators offer many options for customization. They have a frequency range of 0 Hz to 20 kHz and offer sinus, triangular, raw, and square wave shapes.

You can also link oscillators and engage the automatic frequency change programs.

Oscar can be used to increase or decrease oscillator frequency tones using keys and has an LFO with an adjustable shape (sinus, triangular, raw, or square) on each oscillator.

You can choose up to 10 fixed frequencies on the oscillators to set in one click via the fixed frequency panel and link fixed frequency panels. Oscar’s noise generator is also quite flexible. It offers pink and white noise, and you can set a specific audio range.

The options don’t stop there, though. Oscar can be used to route oscillator and noise generator audio outputs to up to six sound card outputs. The plugin can record in WAV or AIFF files, up to 192 kHz / 32 Bits, enabling you to create presets and store and recall your full session data.

Digital Brain Instruments programmed keyboard shortcuts, which are always handy for improved workflow. There’s also a MIDI matrix included, enabling you to control Oscar via a MIDI device, further increasing flexibility.

Oscar is available as standalone software for Windows and macOS.

Get the deal: Digital Brain Instruments Oscar (FREE with any purchase in February)

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