Venn Audio Debuts FREE FX Collection Plugin Bundle


Venn Audio releases FX Collection, a free audio effects bundle in VST plugin format currently available for their Discord community (free to join).

Effects bundles such as the Kilohearts Essentials collection present great value for beginning producers. These bundles can act as a one-stop shop for vitally important processors without needing to piece together all the tools you might find essential.

Venn Audio has made its own bundle of free effects available for use. The catch: you’ll need to join Venn Audio’s community on Discord to access the free bundle.

These plugins are very much in alpha status but were relatively stable during testing with few errors while I was running them in Reaper.

Venn Audio has nine effects ready for usage, covering various audio mixing applications.

The developer is perhaps best known for its clipper Free Clip. A relatively full-featured free clipper is also included in this bundle. It has oversampling up to 32x and multiple clipping algorithms.

The gain utility is rather limited in scope but readily allows for gain staging before or after other plugin inserts.

The compressor is relatively flexible, with various parameters exposed to the user. It lacks knee control, but the compressor’s action is nice and clean.

A free parametric EQ is nothing new. However, it is somewhat rarer to have one with a full spectrum display. The EQ is flexible, with multiple bands insertable, filter types, and adjustable bandwidth settings. It isn’t Pro-Q, but it certainly is handy.

Free Delay is a standard digital delay with independent tap lines. You can set the taps to be in sync with each other or to have some degree of stereo separation. It cannot be placed in ping-pong delay modes, unfortunately.

Reverb is handled by a convolver. This reverb is light on controls, with only wet and dry gain knobs available. It works well and readily loads scads of free IRs on the internet.

Free Tone generates a test tone. This is useful for testing audio processing, particularly saturation and distortion, to check for audible aliasing and artifacts at higher levels of generated harmonics.

Free Meter functions similarly to YouLean’s much revered Loudness Meter. You have true peak, LUFS, and a variety of other measurements available. Meters are always useful, so having a full-featured one is a great boon for this collection.

The final plugin on offer controls panning. You can control the left and right stereo channels, as well as flip the phase if needed.

Venn’s Free Suite is a useful collection of effects, with the clipper and meter being the standouts.

Free Suite supports Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX. Venn provides Apple Silicon and Intel binaries.

Download: Venn Audio on Discord (join the community to get the free FX bundle)


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    • Hi there, developer here: no registration or account is required to run the plugins. Currently the product is in alpha and we’re in the testing stage, which is why I’m releasing a preview to testers on our discord. Once the plugins are fully done, they will be released on the website and there will be no need to join the discord.

    • This is a capitalist world and there is no free lunch anywhere. If you want to use some nice software without touching the wallet, giving them an email address is a fair trade for me.

    • Ya, FreeClip was for me the best free Clipper for many years. Though these days i mostly use limiters instead.

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