Dynastia Is A FREE OTT Clone By Outobugi


Outobugi releases Dynastia, a free OTT clone plugin with additional features.

Outobugi is the new name for the plugin development scene. They’ve made their debut a blast by releasing three free plugins ready for your productions.

These aren’t your typical bread-and-butter freebies, either, as they all feature a rather rich visualization feature set and slick design work.

First on the block is Dynastia, which the developer readily admits is another OTT clone. Like the popular multiband compressor, it features three separate upwards/downwards compression bands.

Where Dynastia differs from its Xfer-made inspiration is the inclusion of stereo width controls, distortion, and mid/side compression. Also present are separate up and down thresholds and some great visualization for how the dynamics processor affects the material.

Next up is Bimono, a stereo imager. This one calls to mind the imaging module present in iZotope’s Ozone. You can dictate the amount of width applied, the space of the width, as well as flipping the phase.

Functionally, this operates like any other stereo widener. In practice, it does some smart stuff behind the scenes that isn’t solely reliant on the Haas effect. It delays both sides of a given material, with the phase of the other signal being flipped.

The final plugin on offer is Clamp, a hard clipper. Clamp is straight to the point and features only a handful of controls to get great sounds fast. The ceiling allows you to quickly dial in how much of the signal is getting clipped.

Input and output controls are also present for controlling how hard you’re hitting the clipper and subsequent gain staging. Aliasing is kept to a minimum thanks to the already integrated 4x oversampling.

I won’t speak for everyone, but I love clippers, and this one has great visualization to help hone things in.

Outobugi isn’t doing some fresh new take on your typical processors, but it offers enough differences to make them worth the download. My personal favorites are Clamp and Dynastia.

The plugin suite is only compatible with Windows machines at the time of this writing. Plugin formats on offer are VST3. The developer has yet to inform us whether they intend to develop it for Mac computers.

Either way, don’t forget to read our in-depth review of the original OTT plugin.

Download: Dynastia/Bimono/Clamp


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  1. Thanks William! I recently did a clipper comparison test, GClip by GVST has the lowest in cpu, coming in 2nd is FreeClip by Venn Audio. Can’t wait to try out Clamp.

    • VST3 can be different, but there is also a universal VST3 standard too, Synthedit now uses this, so one .vst3 works on both OS.

    • There is no viruses. Windows warns only because I am an unknown publisher or whatever. The most likely reason for these scan results is the fact that the installer is accessing ProgramFiles. The installer I’m using is “Inno Setup”.

      Yours truly, Outobugi

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