APU Software Releases FREE Loudness Meter Plugin


APU Software releases APU Loudness Meter, a freeware loudness metering plugin for Windows and macOS.

Metering is crucial for mixing and audio engineering work. Loudness meters might not be the most exciting devices, but their utility cannot be understated.

If you’re searching for a new loudness meter or just something else to serve as an alternative for your mixes, then APU Software’s latest, the APU Loudness Meter, might be worth your time.

APU Loudness Meter bears some striking resemblances to the other loudness metering on the market, such as the popular Youlean Loudness Meter. You have your choice of standard loudness measurements. Popular measurements like LUFS, RMS, True Peak, and Peak are all present.

But it’s not all about the feature set. APU Loudness Meter is packaged together with some great visualization tools.

The main panel houses the loudness metering statistics and gives an overview of the loudness of individual frequency bands. This can help inform mixing decisions if certain frequencies have more energy than others.

This visualization can be further fine-tuned in the visualization tab, which has settings for the FFT bands on display, what it visualizes, and how long before the bands decay.

The frequency spectrum is well-designed and gives a solid overview of your mix. This, coupled with the rather deep display of statistics, makes for an in-depth view of the loudness and dynamics of the material analyzed.

If you’ve got a preferred color for your metering, then you’re in luck because APU Loudness Meter also supports theming. I generally prefer more neutral darker colors, but if you want something neon and slightly gauche, then you’re in luck.

All said, APU Loudness Meter is a smartly designed metering solution that comes with a host of features that make it a worthy addition to your plugin folder. Everyone needs a meter, and this one is quite a nice one to boot.

APU Loudness Meter is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU. It is a universal application, so Apple Silicon and Intel users have some options.

A standalone application could be handy for checking loudness on a revision without having to boot up a session. However, the APU Loudness Meter is currently only available as a plugin.

Download: APU Loudness Meter


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  1. Just wanted to drop a note that I’ve dramatically improved the CPU usage on the latest version of this plug-in. Thanks for the feedback everyone, seeking to improve over time. -Aaron

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