Freshen Up Your Beats With Left Field One Shots Vol. 3 (20% OFF)


Freshen up your beats with Left Field One Shots Vol. 3 (plus bonus breaks) from AJ Hall, currently 20% off with coupon code SMOKE.

Left Field One Shots Volume 3 is a collection of 25 original, production-ready, and entirely royalty-free one-shot kits. The pack also includes 25 bonus breaks that showcase the potential of each kit.

You are free to drop the loop-ready breaks straight into any commercial project. Still, in the case of major label releases, significant indie releases, and sync placements, the creator would request a very low percentage (single-digit) publishing split.

Here’s more info about copyright, straight from AJ Hall: “All the one-shots (by law) are royalty-free. As far as the breaks go, publishing splits are only required for huge major label releases or Large indie labels and sync placements, and in that event, I’m only asking for a single-digit publishing split.”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about why you should want this pack.

AJ Hall played every hit and every break on a real kit and processed everything to tape. As they are, the breaks have an authentic old-school flavor reminiscent of The Roots at times.

Along with the tape processing, the authentic old-school flavor can be attributed to AJ’s feel on the kit, which is lovely.

The bonus breaks include rhythms that are straight ahead, some that push the beat, and some that drag slightly, with lots of interesting syncopation and patterns.

One of the cool things about this pack is the attention to detail, not just in the making of it but in what’s provided to the end user. In addition to the bonus breaks, you get raw stems from ten mics used in recording, so you can mix as you please, which is pretty cool.

If you want to stick to one-shots, as mentioned, you get 25 kits matching the sounds used in the bonus breaks. You can use the breaks as inspiration or create something unique from scratch.

The pack also includes an extra assorted one-shots folder with plenty more Kicks, snares, rims, hats, and cymbals.

The pack sounds great, and if you need some real drums for anything old-school, Hip Hop, Funky, or retro, you can’t go wrong with this one.

AJ’s breaks can be heard on work by the likes of ILLM!ND and Kid Cudi, so users will be in good company.

And since we’re talking samples, I want to mention the Folk Art Violin Library again because I feel like it’s the kind of thing that goes under the radar, even though it’s pretty cool. Have a look if you have the time.

Buy: Left Field One Shots Vol.3 (get 20% OFF with code SMOKE at checkout)


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