Decent Samples Release FREE Folk Art Violin Sample Library


Decent Samples releases the rustic and charming new library, Folk Art Violin – and it’s FREE.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with David Hilowitz and his work with Decent Sampler by now. If not, David is a classically trained musician who creates some unique and free libraries for Decent Sampler (which is also free).

Many of the libraries are quirky in one way or another. For example, he released Record Cutter and Sonic Toothbrush. Despite the seemingly un-musical nature of some sources, the sounds are typically very cinematic and often quite magical because they are unexpected.

The source instrument isn’t quite so random this time, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Folk Art Violin is the sound of a pawn shop find with some history; the trouble is, the backstory isn’t exactly clear.

For me, that makes it more interesting in a way because it leaves room for speculation. What we do know is that the violin was built by a W.T. Fisher, located somewhere around the Ozarks. It also seems that the creator wasn’t a professional, as the instrument has the flawed but charming appearance of folk art.

Everything else about the instrument and maker’s history is up for grabs, but you can watch David dig for clues in the project video.

So, it’s a folk art violin, which tells us immediately that it is unlikely to sound like a perfect concert instrument, and that’s the appeal.

In the project video, we can also see some of the sampling process and, more importantly, hear the library before downloading.

It definitely has a rustic sound that comes from being hand-crafted by a non-professional, and it has a natural warmth that I like to (romantically, I guess) think comes from instruments that have lived an interesting life.

It sounds sweet, warm, and imperfect, which I think lends itself well to many kinds of projects. In the right context, perhaps with some darker harmony and open space, that sweet, warm sound could become quite haunting, so there’s plenty to explore.

I’d recommend checking out the video, and if you like Folk Art Violin, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the previous libraries, as well.

You’ll have to download the free Decent Sampler plugin, which is available in AU, AUv3, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It’s worth noting that some Decent Samples freebies are compatible with other players, like Kontakt.

Download: Folk Art Violin


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