ViatorDSP Releases LV-50A FREE Equalizer Plugin


ViatorDSP releases LV-50A, a compact free equalizer plugin for Windows and macOS.

It is a whole new week, my dear readers, and it seems we’ve got another interesting plugin to check out.

ViatorDSP has shown up quite a few times lately here at BPB. Previously, I’ve looked at lo-fi processors and compressors from this dedicated dev, which today brings us to another parametric equalizer – the LV-50A.

I can already hear you groan through my screen, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have lost count of how many equalizers live on my hard drive.

Despite that, the LV-50A is a fun and immediately usable EQ that is worth checking out.

You’ve got access to four bands and a pair of filters. The four bands each have variable bandwidth and gain, and you can hone in on frequencies. The filters are clean, subtle, but ultimately quite usable.

I admit I will likely continue using Pro-Q and Kirchhoff like I always do, but the LV-50A is a relatively fun one if you’ve been on the hunt for an EQ.

I enjoy the analog-inspired interface rounded out by a nice VU meter. You get access to a gain slider, which helps tame overall output if you’re doing rather extreme boosts.

While I rarely exceed +3dB for boosts, I have friends who also work as mixing engineers who will crank out to +12 or higher if needed. I can’t really hear any saturation on the equalizer’s output.

If I had to level any complaints, it is just a general lack of shelves. I know you can set the bandwidth wide and counteract with a filter, but I love a nice high shelf on vocals.

If you’re on the hunt for a tidy and easy equalizer, LV-50A might fit the bill.

Will it replace any super expensive EQs you might have in your plugin folder? Probably not, but it is a welcome addition to the growing ViatorDSP stable.

LV-50A is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. It does support Apple Silicon as well as Intel Macs, so you’ve got your bases covered.

Do you want to find out exactly what your EQ is doing to the signal? There’s a tool for that, too! Check out the free EQ curve analyzer plugin by Bertom.

Download: LV-50A (FREE/Name your price)


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