Stargazer Is A FREE Shimmer Reverb Plugin By Linda Audio (Windows)


Linda Audio releases Stargazer, a shimmer reverb and delay effect in VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows.

Wow, I rarely get blown away after using the plugin for only ten seconds, but that’s exactly what happened when I launched Stargazer for the first time this morning.

I plugged in my guitar, played a few notes, and whoa… my jaw dropped. Yes, it’s no secret that shimmer reverbs sound incredible, but even so, Stargazer surprised me with its lush, almost orchestral-like sound.

Listen to the official demo video below to better understand what I’m describing here.

Effects like Stargazer are a must-have in any guitarist’s virtual rig. But as a sound designer who creates new cinematic sound effects daily, I can tell you that this plugin is going straight into my cinematic toolbox.

I also like the straightforward control scheme. All plugin parameters are easy to understand, and I know exactly what each knob and slider will do before I even touch it.

There are other amazing reverb plugins, such as Valhalla Supermassive, but some of them come with a steeper learning curve. This is not the case with Stargazer. It’s a reverb plugin that you can pick up and instantly start creating various exciting new sounds.

The key aspect of its sound engine is the Shimmer Generator module. Located in the lower-right corner of the interface, this area is where you’ll turn your regular-sounding instruments into breathtakingly rich atmospheres and soundscapes.

You can fine-tune the grain size and mix, adjust the attack, and turn the octave shifter on or off. As I already mentioned, it’s easy to use, but the scope of different sounds you can achieve with this simple setup is nothing short of amazing.

I also like that Linda Audio included a simple A/B testing tool. It’s always a good idea to compare your new and old settings, just in case you experimented a bit much and unintentionally made the sound worse.

You can download Stargazer for free from Linda Audio’s website. The only drawback is that it is only available for Windows at the moment. The plugin doesn’t support digital audio workstations on macOS, unfortunately.

Download: Stargazer


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  1. Sounds pretty good and I also recommend FREE Skynet reverb most excellent as well as Solaris for shimmer.
    With Deelay and Supermassive and that’s already a kick ass arsenal !

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