Valhalla Supermassive Version 2.5.0 Adds Two New Modes


Valhalla DSP updates the FREE Supermassive reverb/delay plugin with two additional modes.

Valhalla DSP is a favorite developer of many producers and engineers for several reasons. The fact that they make some very cool plugins comes first, of course, but people also love that they have a $50 price cap.

I know $50 isn’t quite free, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about value for money. Besides, Valhalla offers some lovely freebies too, so it’s a win-win.

The freebie we’re focusing on today is Supermassive, which is now two-and-a-half years old. To celebrate the anniversary, Valhalla has released the Supermassive 2.5.0 update featuring two new reverb/delay modes.

The new modes are Scorpio and Libra.

Scorpio mode has a complex feedback path capable of subtle or intricate results, making for a diverse effect. One of the key aspects of Scorpio mode is that the High/Low EQ filters are included within the signal path, unlike some similar modes.

Valhalla describes Scorpio mode as more of a “conventional” reverb with a fast attack, and if you want a natural sound, it can certainly do that. The High and Low EQ filters allow you to control how the reverb decays for a fuller or thinner sound, which, along with its inherent stereo width, can create very realistic reverbs.

Alternatively, Scorpio can also have a more in-your-face sound if you want to go ping-pong-crazy.

Libra mode is a little different with a slower attack, but it’s similar in the sense it’s a diverse effect. Libra mode produces some beautifully lush, smooth reverbs. You can use the High and Low EQ filters again to create a very organic sound.

If you want something a touch more aggressive, leaving the Warp and Density controls at zero will result in a delay that can sound up to four times the set Delay length.

Both new modes are versatile, but in their most basic form, Scorpio is best suited for smaller spaces and Libra for large halls and more ambiance.

Valhalla Supermassive has eighteen modes in total, each with various presets, and I’m sure we’ll see more in the future.

I want to highlight our top Black Friday picks again because I missed a deal that I wanted to get recently and not for the first time (to add insult to injury, the deal I missed was one that I wrote about, and not for the first time!). Editor’s Note: This happens to me all the time, too.

Valhalla Supermassive is available for macOS (M1 now supported) and Windows.

Download: Supermassive


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  1. A freeware, made by a commercial company, that keeps getting updated and not just for minor bugs or compatibility reasons but to add features is something very special indeed. Thank you Valhalla DSP.
    Oh and it’s a real gem of a plugin too, so…

  2. How cool is Valhalla DSP? This is the 3rd update they’ve released in the last year or so for this freebie. Each update adding more reverb algorithms. Already own Room but will have to absolutely buy more of their plug-ins just to pay them back for the great work they’re putting into Supermassive.

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