Function Loops Release FREE Vocal Philosophy And Atmospheric SFX


Function Loops has just released a couple of free sample packs called Atmospheric SFX and Vocal Philosophy – Lokka.

Let’s explore both freebies from Function Loops.

Atmospheric SFX

Atmospheric SFX is a collection of 250 royalty-free samples and loops in 24-bit WAV format.

As the name suggests, the sounds are mainly cinematic sound effects covering various categories like ambiances, atmospheric sounds, impacts, risers, hits, and other unique, more experimental categories.

Everything is key and BPM labeled to make it easy to layer musically those sounds in your compositions. Personally, I love cinematic SFX libraries.

They can be useful in so many different applications, and usually, those are my go-to source to add depth, glue, tension, and texture to my tracks.

With these sounds, you can fill up the background elements of your tracks, create transitions and accidental elements, yet also add subtle movement, vibe, and ambient glue.

If you want more free cinematic libraries, you can check out our indie label 99Sounds and our Flame Sound sound design label.

Vocal Philosophy – Lokka

‘Vocal Philosophy’ is a collection of 100 royalty-free vocal files in 24-bit WAV format.

The samples and loops vary from speech, vocal hooks, phrases, and fx vocals, which were recorded by Lokka Vox, a Trance and EDM Top Line Vocalist and Songwriter.

The content comes with dry and wet versions for more versatility. Some vocal parts have been chopped into loops, while others have been delivered as full acapella.

There are 5 vocal construction kits, each centered around a different topic and telling a unique story, like ‘Voicemail,’ ‘Space,’ and ‘Overthinking.’ Interestingly, the lyrics are included, too, if you want to dig deeper into the narrative meaning of the vocals.

Honestly, vocal libraries are another source of inspiration for me since I’m not a singer/songwriter, and I always find the human voice interesting to explore and deconstruct sonically.

What I appreciate the most about this collection of female vocals is their ethereal and mysterious quality, particularly the processed versions.

To download both sample packs for free, you just need to enter your e-mail address, and you’ll receive your download links via mail. This means you implicitly agree to subscribe to the Function Loops newsletter.

Download: Atmospheric SFX / Vocal Philosophy – Lokka (FREE)


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