Get AudioThing’s Wave Box FREE With Any Purchase At ADSR


ADSR Sounds offers the Wave Box plugin by Audiothing as a free add-on with any purchase in December.

December is finally here, my dear readers, and that, of course, means more freebies to entice you when making those holiday impulse purchases!

Those searching for a fun distortion effect should take a keen look at ADSR this month. For December, any qualifying purchases over at ADSR will get you Wave Box from AudioThing.

So, what exactly is Wave Box? At its core, it is a waveshaper with a wide range of controls to get you the grit and dirt you’re after. You’ve got a pair of functions, or waveshapers to impart upon the curves themselves.

I’ve had Wave Box in my plugin folder for a while now and it is shockingly deep with everything you can do. Beyond just the basic shape of the waves, the bias, and how much each function relates to a curve, there’s also modulation.

You can readily set up something like a rolling bass line that is following in time with an LFO for example. There is also an envelope follower that is a great way to have the signal processing respond naturally to a sound, much like that same rolling bass line.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve got full access to a mix knob and hard clipping. Oversampling is something that gets hotly contested with plugin addicts across the web, but you have the option of up to 16x in a single instance.

The hard clipping is a personal favorite feature, but I’m a sucker for clipping converters in the first place. Capping off the full suite of controls is a resonant multi-mode filter, which is a fantastic inclusion for any sort of distortion plugin.

Sometimes you don’t want to add all that grit to the highs or lows of a sound. It can get truly chaotic with the resonance as well.

I’ve been a happy owner of Wave Box for years, and this is a wonderful plugin to get as a freebie. You’ve got the whole of December to pick it up, along with any qualifying purchases over at ADSR.

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of what sales season has in store for us just yet.

Check out the deal: ADSR Sounds (Get Wave Box for FREE with any qualifying purchase during December)


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  1. What be the best price deal to get it, ADSR is a bit confusing as the plugs can’t be sorted according to price AFAIK ?

    Best I found so far: Cosmic by Audiolatry $8.80

    • Frank Labuschagne


      Yeah, I recommend (for those who simply want something cheap to get the free thing), use the search bar, go through some combinations of letters. I found pretty quickly, things that are like $4.80

  2. In case someone just wants to get something cheap to get Wave Box, I’d recommend typing a combination of a few letters Like say “ak..” in the search box on ADSR, since I also couldn’t get things listed by price. I quickly found some things at $4.80, but whether that’s useful to you, I dunno. Might be worth spending a little bit more for something more useful for whatever purpose.

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