Baby Audio Releases FREE Beat Slammer Plugin


Baby Audio released Beat Slammer, a free compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

We’re back again today with another enticing freebie for your mixing approval. Baby Audio has a slew of other freebies like Magic Switch, Pitch Drift, Magic Dice, and Baby Comeback.

Now, you can throw Beat Slammer into the mix, which is their first dynamics processor you can snag for free. Beat Slammer is a novel dynamics processor that really brings a touch of solidity and a heaping helping of punch to the fray.

So, what is Beat Slammer? It is a compression plugin based on the algorithms found in IHNY2. If you’re familiar with its bigger brother, then the sound of Beat Slammer shouldn’t be much of a surprise. However, what really separates it from the rest is the actual interface at play.

I’m reminded of the Firepresser that came out of United Plugins a while back.

You’ve got a single X/Y slider that acts as your primary control. Sliding the X/Y slider’s central point around gives you your wet/dry mix and the amount of compression being applied to a signal.

From there, you’ve got the option of applying some makeup gain and adjusting the output volume.

In practice, I found Beat Slammer does exactly what it says on the tin. It works astoundingly well on the drum bus, as well as on individual kicks and snares.

I did find some decent success also using it on harsher punk and metal vocals, where running this in parallel really helped to accentuate the voice.

This isn’t your general-purpose dynamics processor, but its brash and aggressive nature is well-suited for dialing in parallel with your original sound source.

I could also see this being quite effective on more aggressive bass and guitar lines, where the extra spank from the compressor could really add to the body of the sound itself. As it stands, I can’t say no to a compressor, especially for free.

Beat Slammer is available for Windows and Mac computers.

To get the download for Beat Slammer, you’ll need to enter your email to receive the free download links. This also includes the other four freebies mentioned, so you’re getting a whole grab bag of goodies.

If you like free compressors, check out our BPB Dirty LA vintage limiting amplifier plugin.

Download: Beat Slammer (FREE – email required)


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  1. I got an email from Baby Audio about this, as I’ve downloaded their other (great) freebies in the past, but thanks for the reminder! I’ll grab this now.

  2. Thanks W BPB & BA, very much appreciated
    This sounded awesome straight away & i like the way the command key locks the movement of the cursor as well as the control key the other way while making fine adjustments, easiest and most effective compression plugin ever
    Happy holidays 💛😊👍

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