Pitch Drift Is A FREE Pitch Modulation Plugin By BABY Audio


BABY Audio releases Pitch Drift, a freeware pitch modulation effect in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Pitch Drift is a streamlined pitch modulation tool that applies subtle pitch fluctuations to the processed audio signal. The effect is powered by the “Drift” algorithm from BABY Audio’s popular Super VHS (49) plugin.

In the words of BABY Audio, “Pitch Drift makes it fast and easy to break the spell of digital pitch perfection and get your tracks to vibrate a little more.”

Looking closely at the interface, Pitch Drift resembles BABY Audio’s other freebies, like Magic Dice and Baby Comeback, in terms of simplicity and usefulness. These plugins are designed to perform a single task without standing in the user’s way. They’re easy to use and deliver instant results.

Pitch Drift has two control parameters. The Amount slider adjusts the pitch modulation depth, letting you apply anything from subtle pitch fluctuations (that sound organic and natural) to over-the-top pitch chaos (that sounds like me singing karaoke).

You can also adjust the modulation speed by hovering over the GUI with the mouse. Semi-fast modulation typically sounds the most natural, whereas extremely fast or slow pitch fluctuations can work as a creative effect.

BABY Audio provides a helpful tip here: “the less sustained your source is, the faster you want the speed parameter to be set.”

To download your free copy of Pitch Drift, visit the Freebies page on the BABY Audio website, enter your email address, and click the GET FREEBIES button. You will receive the links to all BABY Audio freeware plugins (and an additional sample pack) in your inbox.

BABY Audio quickly earned a reputation as a company that develops affordable yet high-quality plugins. They offer inspirational tools with perfectly balanced control schemes and sleek-looking GUIs. They’re also known for releasing some of the best freebies on the market, and Pitch Drift is another step in that direction.

Pitch Drift is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for DAW software on Windows and macOS.

Looking for some lo-fi grit to match Pitch Drift’s pitch imperfections? Check out our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin. 

Download: Pitch Drift


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Nice one, simple, straightforward.
    Add some automation on the amount parameter to make it wobble exactly when you want it to go a bit further.
    If moar random needed, I’m a fan of Flutterbird by Tesselode (Win VST2 only, though).

  2. The Creative Toolbox Drums and Percussion by Strezov Sampling is FREE for Kontakt Player

  3. Nice little freebie, adds that lovely Boards of Canada vibe to sounds :-) Maybe also inspired by “Phonec” by Psychic Modulation ?

  4. Thanks so much Tom, BPB & Baby Audio. I really like this plugin, it is great quality as expected.
    Happy Holidays, Christmas, Weekend 🙏😊

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