Mrugalla Releases ALLHaas Free Stereo Widening Plugin For Windows


Florian Mrugalla released the ALLHaas Free Stereo Widening Plugin for Windows (VST3) as a free GitHub repository. 

Developer Florian Mrugalla, who releases plugins under the name Mrugalla, called the plugin a stereo-widening tool that “essentially uses a ton of all-pass filters to let you place elements in the mix.”

The developer added that the filters can give elements a “sense of a new location” in a mix.

If you want to check it out, then just download the file list at the GitHub repository linked below. 

Each channel has a distance parameter (number of all-pass filters), cutoff frequency, and a resonance (width of cutoff) control. 

The plugin can also be switched from L/R to M/S modes and has a button that helps with checking for mono compatibility.

In the center of the interface, there’s also a display that shows a visual representation of the signal. 

In a demo video on his YouTube, which has the fetching channel name “Beats Basteln :3”,  Mrugalla explains that the plugin creates “a very subtle shift in the stereo width.”

He added, “It kinda feels like you are moving something around, like it’s not in the same spot anymore.”

You can also hear the plugin in action during the video, and Mrugalla also breaks down how the control scheme works. 

He noted that on a signal with reverb on it, ALLHaas sounds more subtle and that when used on a dry signal, the effect is much more pronounced.

The developer observed that when used on a dry signal, sometimes it can “take away some of the juicy character that you really like about a sound.” He included the mono compatibility button to help deal with this issue.  

Mrugalla has released 31 repositories on his GitHub since his first upload back in 2020. 

He is an electronic musician who started audio programming in 2019 by editing the scripts of Blue Cat Audio’s Plug’n Script, and in the years since, he has released a host of C++ plugins and audio tools on his GitHub. 

Mrugalla’s work is quite creative, and a number of his releases are a bit left of center, so if you’re looking for something different, it’d be worth checking out his other work!

Download: ALLHaas (FREE)


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