Function Loops Releases FREE Psytrance Bass ROMpler


Function Loops released Psytrance Bass, a free bass rompler plugin for Windows and macOS.

Following up on last month’s great collection of freebies, we welcome 2024 with new good ones. Function Loops has just released a free ROMpler VST for Windows and macOS called Psytrance Bass.

Psytrance Bass is a multi-sampled VST instrument featuring 40 professionally designed bass patches tailored to Psytrance music producers.

According to the developer, the plugin is “perfect for beginner psytrance producers.” The trick is that already contains fully processed bass sounds that are production-ready and don’t require additional effects.

However, you can still tweak the sounds using the included controls. You’ll find an ADSR envelope, some LFO modulation, distortion & cabinet effects, a filter section, and a voice mode selector.

At first listen, as I scanned through the available patches, I have to say that these sound great already with no further processing, as promised by Function Loops. 

Indeed, the real value of ROMplers is giving you good sounds without the need for deep tweaking inside a synth. 

The bass presets have been tuned, balanced, and shaped to let you get the desired fat bassline quickly. The 40 patches span different timbre qualities and iconic sounds of the ‘Psy’ music world.

Honestly, this plugin is a welcome addition to my collection too.

Typically, when looking to add a Psytrance bass in my tracks, I would find a one-shot sample in my library if I’m in a hurry.

Having a dedicated multi-sampled instrument, though, gives you better results in less time – It’s the perfect marriage of synthesis and sampling if you think about it.

Psytrance Bass offers some options for customization, as I anticipated.

On the top left, a standard ADSR envelope section is there to help you shape the overall amplitude behavior of your patch. As you twist a knob, it will show a glowing effect, which is a cool visual feature.

Moving to the right on the GUI, an LFO section offers simple controls for more expressivity and movement.

Confusingly, the Gain knob found in this section is actually a Depth knob controlling the amount of LFO modulation applied to the target.

The modulation target can be set to either Pitch, Expression, or Pan.

Expression is another confusing naming choice since it addresses volume, creating tremolo effects.

The Distortion module is the only effect found in this ROMpler, and it’s useful if you want to add fatness and richer character to the basses.

The Filter section displays just the Cutoff knob of a selectable High-Pass or Low-Pass filter mode.

In the Mode panel, you’ll find a useful Glide control with selectable Poly, Mono, and Legato playing modes.

Psytrance Bass is available as a VST, VST3, and AU for Windows and macOS.

Download: Psytrance Bass (FREE after subscribing to the Function Loops newsletter)


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  1. “226MB size on disk” the blurb says. Yeah right. You have to burn over 800 MB of bandwidth, because the same sample content is included 4-5 over in the zip folder :-(

    • Michal Ochedowski


      I could never grasp the idea of this upload technique. Only extreme simplicity comes to mind. For some users though, it actually consumes more time (and bandwidth) to extract and delete all the unnecessary copies.

  2. That video demo was horrible! on that alone, Me thinks im gonna pass. there are numerous amounts of bass pugins that can do similar, with a not so lazy demostrIon that did nothing.

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