Kiive Audio Releases FREE XTMax Distressor Plugin


Kiive Audio released XTMax, a freeware drum compressor plugin based on the Distressor hardware compressor.

XTMax is a drum compression tool inspired by the Empirical Labs Distressor and similar hardware units.

However, it’s not a direct emulation of any particular hardware. Kiive Audio states that it analyzed various compressors and used those findings to create an original compressor.

As expected, the control scheme is straightforward, which is my preferred option when compressing drums. I like plugins that can quickly enhance a drum track, and the latest freebie from Kiive Audio definitely fits that description.

XTMax features two main knobs (Input and Output), a couple of three-way switches for controlling the Attack and Release times, and two more knobs for controlling the Knee and SC Filter Cutoff.

The plugin also has an Auto Gain feature, which significantly speeds up the compression workflow. You can simply load XTMax on a channel and adjust the Input Gain knob while the plugin takes care of the rest.

XTMax is free to download from Kiive Audio.

Download: XTMax


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. This was available a year ago?
    I just logged into my Kiive account and downloaded XTMax from a previous order dated 01-Jan-2023.

  2. The Emperor’s New Clothes; yet in a good way: GUI needed to be changed because of being to close to the original Hardware. Modelling was also improved and a few further Features were added, according to Developer. Pretty good Update actually.

  3. Interesting:

    “Korneff Audio El Juan Limiter
    We’re doing a public beta test of our new licensing system and our new plugin, the El Juan Limiter. You’re invited to help us, and we’ll give you an EJL as a thank you gift.
    All public beta licenses will expire on January 9th, regardless of the date of plugin installation. We will be issuing perpetual licenses for no charge to everyone who downloaded an EJL public beta plugin. If your EJL beta license has expired already, please reset it by going to the licensing section of the plugin, deactivating it, and then reactivating it. This will reset your license.”

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