Waves Manny Marroquin EQ Is FREE For 48 Hours!


Manny Marroquin EQ by Waves Audio is for everyone during Jason Yadlovski’s 100K subscriber giveaway. The offer expires in 48 hours.

Jason Ladlovski is a YouTuber who recently hit the impressive milestone of reaching 100K subscribers (congratulations, Jason!).

Jason is certified in Davinci Resolve Fairlight from Blackmagic Design, and his YouTube channel primarily focuses on related content. But whether you’re a Davinci user or not, there’s no shortage of helpful tutorials on all things image and audio.

In celebration of reaching 100K YouTube subscribers, Jason and his very kind sponsors launched a giveaway with awesome prizes and a guaranteed freebie for everyone – Manny Marroquin EQ by Waves, a plugin that takes EQ curves from the Grammy-winning engineer’s favorite vintage equalizers.

If you don’t know Manny’s work, it’s all over modern music, from Kendrick Lamar to Taylor Swift.

The plugin uses EQ curves from Manny’s go-to Neve, API, Motown, SSL, and Avalon units. The EQ has four bands with five fixed frequency points each, so it’s not a complicated EQ to get around, and pleasing results come pretty quickly. You also have boost/cut, HP/LP, and input/output controls.

The plugin’s simplicity should appeal to many, but I know some users will prefer something more flexible. If you’re in the latter camp, I’d suggest giving it a try; this plugin is often considered extremely underrated by some of the best engineers in the business.

Plus, if you’re going to try a plugin based on another engineer’s preferences, who better than Manny?

The plugin features 28 presets from Manny and other mix engineers, including the legendary Tony Maserati.

The featured presets cover various use cases, from bass, drums, and guitar to vocals and keys.

The only catch is that the Manny Marroquin EQ (usually $29 on sale) will only be free for two days, so you’ll have to act fast.

Jason will publish a video on Monday, 12th February, with further information on the Waves freebie and details of a download link. So, keep an eye on Jason’s YouTube channel, and don’t miss out! Jason will also announce the winners of the main giveaway, so good luck to all who entered that one.

A huge thank you to BPB reader Purefire for the info on this freebie! 🙏 

Last but not least, keep the entries coming for our BPB Abletunes giveaway while you still can; cheers!

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to be logged in to your Waves Audio user account to access the giveaway page.

Check out the deal: Manny Marroquin EQ giveaway / YouTube (More info in Jason Ladlovski’s YouTube video)


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  1. Ferenc Mosolyhozó


    Grabbed thank you! I tried it some months ago, luckyly didn’t buy it that time. so now I am happy to have it on my board.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    As it usually goes with Waves and their limited time promotions, no hassle and very easy to redeem. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks James, BPB, Jason & Waves, awesome EQ
    Congratulations to Jason for his 100k subscribers and thanks for the really helpful videos

  4. Jason Yadlovski


    Thanks so much for sharing the giveaway and for checking out my channel! Subscribe if you haven’t already, I would love to see you over there! 😁

    – Jason

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