Atomic Amps’ Tonocracy Amp Sim Is Now FREE


Atomic Amps released the Tonocracy amp simulator as a free download for Windows and macOS.

I figured it was only a matter of time before NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) started appearing in other products. As such, I’m quite glad to see it in today’s freeware item.

Tonocracy was released last year and touted NAM captures as just one facet of its amp sim. Atomic Amps has decided to update the plugin to version 2.0 and make it free for everyone to use.

There is quite a bit of goodness packed into this release as well as you’ll discover.

Tonocracy’s main selling point is the SchemAccurate amp captures. These encompass a wide variety of amps, running from your edge of breakup all the way to heavy gain monsters.

They sound pleasing to my ears, but I didn’t reach for them too often while testing this release. I enjoyed the Orange Rockerverb captured, but it didn’t stack up to other models.

ToneSnaps are the unique name given to NAM captures for Tonocracy. These sound fantastic, which you could likely already imagine if you’re versed in the software. My personal favorites are the 6505, Fender Bassman, and Orange Micro Terror, which you can find on ToneHunt.

An amp wouldn’t be any good without speakers, and Tonocracy has you more than covered. This free release comes with some premium IRs meant to be used in conjunction with SchemAccurate or ToneSnap amps. You’ve got cabs from ML Sound, Amalgam Audio, and others that cover a wide variety of sounds.

The ML Sound Lab IRs were my favourite, but I could quickly import my own IRs with just a drag and drop on the interface.

I suppose there are users in our reader base who are curious about how this stacks up next to the recently released Genome by Two Notes Audio. I will say that I prefer Genome, in particular the way it handles captures for ProteusML, NAM, and AIDA-X.

At any rate, Tonocracy is a wonderful free tool that easily squares up against premium packages like TONEX from IK Multimedia and Melda Production’s GuitarArchitect.

Tonocracy is free to download; you will need an account with Atomic Amps to authorize the software. It is available for Windows and Mac computers, and the supported plugin formats are VST3, AAX, and AU.

Download: Tonocracy (FREE – Atomic Amps account needed)


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  1. I got the ampsim (free, obviously) for a test drive, cos’ I’m a hoarder, and let’s just say this thing blew EVERY. SINGLE. AMPS. SIMS. I’ve owned out of it’s existence; the tone is so real, it’s borderline Unreal.

    I was looking for the guitar tone for my current WIP EP for the better or worse of 3 years, and whilst everything is good; the guitar tone threw me off so much even with a crapload of fx, it’s still not what I’ve looking for… until this. Load that baby in, boom, that’s the tone.

    11/10 very recommended to have; the only downside I have is not a lot of stereo-imaging options and mics; but hey, it works, it solves my problem the moment it came in, so I’d call that a worthy sacrificial.

  2. It would have been nice to mention it required iLok. And now I have to find a way to delete the account I created for nothing.

  3. I got it installed without any website issues or any mention of iLok.

    Be advised the “developer” shows up as “TMT” when in Logic, however it shows up as “com.tmt.tonocracy.vst3/au/aax” in the PlugInfo app. Not “Atomic Amps”. At first I had a tricky time finding it inside Logic’s plugin dropdown.

    I like the simplified GUI layout. It has a Guitar-Rig-meets-Helix look about it and everything is nicely sized for easy tweaking.

  4. I’m absolutely blown away👍🎸
    From all my guitar Sims, I must say that this sounds the best 👍 I just want a great sound, and this piece of gear delivered!🎶🎸💕🙏👍
    I love it! Honest I do💯😉❤️

  5. Well, this thing still requires iLok. I guess everyone who posted they had no problems had already had iLok installed. What a waste of time.

    • alex – on February 12, 2024 8:30 pm

      “I guess everyone who posted they had no problems had already had iLok installed. What a waste of time.”

      Yet most of us had no issues installing-using it and DO NOT have iLok. Then you decide to spread misinformation based off of assumptions, thinking that they are facts. SMH It’s not the software’s fault, its a “you” issue.

      Educate yourself. DO better, BE better…

  6. No iLok needed, but make sure to TYPE (NOT PASTE) your login info to download the library from your DAW. This is an impressive sounding plugin. Thank you!

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