Reflex Acoustics Releases FREE AutomaticLite Automatic Compressor Plugin


Reflex Acoustics released the AutomaticLite automatic compressor, and it is available for free download via the company’s website

The plugin is available in VST3 for PC, as well as VST3 and AU for Mac. The developer plans to add AAX support soon. 

AutomaticLite is a simplified, free version of Reflex Acoustics’ AutomaticDynamic comp, which costs $55.

Reflex Acoustics describes AutomaticLite as an “automatic compressor that’s effortless to calibrate to your material.”

The plugin does not feature threshold or make-up gain parameters, as these are done automatically.

“Thus the device stays configured and delivers a consistent dynamic signature, even as your material gets louder and quieter,” the developer states.

There is, however, a Compression knob to control how far the threshold rides below the peaks in the signal. 

Furthermore, the proprietary gain reduction dynamics are designed to preserve transients. 

AutomaticLite features an adjustable compression ratio (1 to 4x) and attack/release times, as well as a simple automatic gate with an adjustable range of up to 6 dB.

The plugin also has parallel processing via gain-matched dry/wet mix control, automatic make-up gain to match perceived loudness, and mid-side processing (100% unlinked).

Reflex Acoustics’ guide on how to use the AutomaticLite advises you to set the release time to match the groove of your material, that the Mix dial has a sweet spot of 33% wet, and that the plugin can be used on the master bus or individual tracks.

The developer also asserts that the plugin operates with zero latency. 

AutomaticLite has an instant A/B feature, which can be accessed by clicking the gain reduction display. You can also reset the dials to the default values by double-clicking or holding Ctrl / Cmd to finetune the amount. 

To download AutomaticLite, you’ll need to check out via the Reflex Acoustics store, which requires an email and billing address. 

The paid version of the plugin, AutomaticDynamic, has the following additional features: Three-way Mode selector, Color switch, Low Cut and High Cut.

AutomaticLite is Reflex Acoustics’ third free release.  The developer’s two previous free releases are the Reflex Dynamic Range Meter and the imaginatively titled, uh, Free Release.

These plugins are a dynamic range visualizer and a single-knob master bus sweetener, respectively.

Reflex Acoustics plugin releases often center around automating thresholds, drive, and gain to create a fast and efficient workflow. 

Download: AutomaticLite (FREE – email required)


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