DirektDSP Launches FREE MakeItLoud Compressor Plugin


DirektDSP launched the MakeItLoud compression and distortion plugin, which is a name-your-own-price release (free option available).

MakeItLoud is available for Windows and macOS users in VST3 and AU formats.

DirektDSP states that MakeItLoud is an “innovative new plugin… designed specifically for sound designers and mixing engineers in search of an effortless workflow.”

The purpose of the MakeItLoud is to integrate compression and distortion in a single plugin seamlessly and intuitively. 

DirektDSP explains that this design “empowers you to quickly enhance the loudness and character of your sounds without sacrificing quality.”

The developer cites sound design, music production, and post-production as potential applications for the plugin. 

Unfortunately, there is currently no demo that shows the MakeItLoud plugin in action, but hey, with the name your price model, you don’t have to put any cash down to try it yourself. 

If you like it, you may wish to support the developer later down the road. 

The plugin has a Mode selector, central Boost control, In, Out, Bypass, Compress, and four custom sliders for further tweaking of the signal. 

MakeItLoud is downloadable in a single 71 MB Zip file with both Windows and Mac installers. 

The developer has made the download process fairly easy, as you can access the file in three clicks, with no personal information required. 

DirektDSP is an audio software company from Dublin, Ireland.  MakeItLoud is the developer’s third release, with the first two being the Fuzzboy modern distortion and the Hot Potato roasting hot distortion. 

There are demos on YouTube available for both the Fuzzboy and Hot Potato.

All three plugins from DirektDSP showcase a similar design philosophy, with a simple and direct user interface being the focus of the releases. 

All the DirektDSP plugins are available from the company’s Itch.io page. If you like to dig deeper, the developer also uploads the source code for its releases on GitHub. 

Currently, Fuzzboy and Hot Potato are available on GitHub, and presumably MakeItLoud will be added later. 

All the DirektDSP plugins are available via a name-your-price model. 

Download: MakeItLoud (FREE / Name-your-price)


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  1. If anyone manages to test it out, let us know how good (or bad) it sounds. This will tremendously help those of us too short on time/energy to test out every single free plugin release. Much appreciated!

    • Thx. Gonna check it out. I only wonder if the official release is gonna be a separate plugin or the part of the Zebra 3 install. That’s why I’ve been using Zebra CM instead of Zebralette 2. Even though they’re actually very different from each other I didn’t want to install the full Zebra to be able to use Zebrallete.

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