Get Softube Model 82 For Just $19 Until February 21st


Model 82 by Softube is now available for just $19 at Plugin Boutique for a very limited time. The offer ends on February 21st.

We’re all used to limited-time offers here, but now and then, an offer comes along that’s so time-sensitive that it will be gone by the time you read this post. Well, it’s not quite that time-sensitive, but it’s close.

You can buy Softube’s Model 82 sequencing mono synth from Plugin Boutique for just $19 (regularly $106) by applying the coupon code PBNL53 at checkout.

The catch is that the offer ends on February 21st, so you’ll have to act fast to pick up this bargain. To purchase Model 82 at the discounted price, use the code PBNL53 at checkout – so, hurry!

Model 82 is an impressive emulation of the Roland SH101, a vintage synth released in 1982. Softube’s Model 82 interface is instantly recognizable as an SH101 emulation but features an enhanced version of the original hardware layout.

The enhanced layout maintains the straightforward nature of the original unit with some minor labelling and arrangement tweaks that allow you to work even faster.

Along with a refreshed layout, Softube included some new features like doubling and drive.

Other than minor changes/additions, Model 82 is faithful to the original, providing the same powerful sequencer and arpeggiator synth enthusiasts have loved for decades.

Although the Roland SH101 arrived on the scene in 1982, it’s perhaps most famous for its role in 90s Techno music, with acts like Orbital regularly placing the SH101 front and centre.

However, the SH101 and, indeed, Model 82 aren’t limited to Techno; they are ideal for 80s Pop basslines (think Go West), Funk, Hip Hop, and even recreating the retro sounds of your favourite 8-bit video games from back in the day.

Whether creating 808s, thumping bass tones, funky/soaring/screaming leads, or anything else, Model 82 is a great synth to work on because almost everything is out in the open, encouraging users to make the most of everything it offers.

Another cool feature of Model 82 is that it comes with five individual instrument sections as modules for Modular. You can also choose between three colour schemes, which isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s a nice touch.

Model 82 sounds authentic, and it’s very easy to use, which is a pretty sweet deal at $19.

The added bonus is that you can use your Model 82 purchase to pick up Plugin Boutique’s February free gift.

Model 82 comes in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows – an iLok account is required.

Check out the deal: Model 82 (Only $19 until February 21st – use code “PBNL53” at checkout)


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  1. As much as I love Softube plugins this type of plugin is a waste of money. Most daws carry something similar and the sounds are what you’d expect from this type of plugin, basic and easy recreatable in a free plugin. I bought it without doing my research. Demo it always

    • just a thought:
      maybe one disadvantage of some random developers freebie could be that you dont get compatibility updates anymore in the future.

    • It really depends how into synthesizers you are. How much you appreciate the different characteristics of different synths, how their filters behave, how their envelopes behave etc. If your more into let’s say rock and other guitar focused styles and only use synthesizers in the background, your best bet is to get an all around synth with tons of presets and capable of many different synthesis (like Pigments). However there are many, like myself who absolutely adore the Roland synth sound and this synth (SH101) in particular has been a huge part in 90’s electronic music sound with it’s snappy envelopes, fat filters and overall fat sound. Just looking at the GUI can be very inspirational and nostalgic for someone who used to own SH101 in the olden days.

    • Salute to Marco Scherer for this info

      Softube Model 82 is still available until 21st February at Plugin Boutique (also get UA PolyMax OR Pulsar W495 EQ for free with purchase)…

      Apply the code:

  2. A great deal for £16, Thanks James, BPB, Softube & PB

    I had the original Roland hardware in 1989, i brought it for £100 along with a Korg “Super Drums” drum machine which was £50.
    I loved the 101 sub bass line sound, but my neighbours didn’t !

  3. Is this the best SH-101 emulation ?

    Looking for free alternatives, TAL software AFAIK has built TAL Noisemaker, on their previous Bassline and Elek7ro plugs, that appear to be based on the SH-101

    • The best one is the Roland Boutique / Roland Cloud one, simply because it’s 4 voices by default, while this and other plugins (excluding lush101 since to me it doesn’t sound like quite like a 101 and has it’s own wonderful thing going for it anyway) only have 1. Soundwise the Softube emulations are top of the line, and this is no exception, I think this one sounds close to identical to the real thing.

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