BABY Audio Releases Atoms Physical Modeling Synth (Intro Sale)


Baby Audio releases Atoms, a physical modeling synth that brings sound to life.

Atoms is available at the special intro price of $59 (usually $99) until March 30th.

As a big fan of plugins like TAIP and Transit, I’m always excited to hear that Baby Audio is releasing a new product.

I’m especially excited about Atoms because, as much as I love Baby Audio effects, it’s fantastic to see them put out a new synth. I really enjoyed the last synth release, BA-1 (Yamaha CS01 emulation), but Atoms is something very different.

Atoms utilizes cutting-edge physical modeling techniques to deliver an expansive, versatile synth that promises to be a sound designer’s dream.

Baby Audio’s mass-spring interaction network is the heart of this new synth. The mass-spring interaction network is what makes Atoms feel so organic, like an extension of an acoustic instrument, simulating a virtual structure of masses/springs that produce sound when bowed.

The network of masses and springs is in constant motion, generating unique sounds based on the laws of physics. Most importantly, this complex network makes it easy for us to create unique, ever-evolving sounds and textures.

Atoms feature six main parameters that define the characteristics of the network; these parameters can be automated or randomized. The main parameters are Chaoa, Order, Force, Overtones, Drive, and Filter.

Chaos introduces nonlinear behaviour in the mass-spring interaction network that sees the virtual springs push against each other, creating pitch glides and detuning effects.

Order increases the level of damping (when the mass-spring network loses high-frequency energy as it decays), acting like a low-pass filter.

Force controls the amount of vibration, noise, and sharper harmonics by adjusting the pressure of the virtual bow on the springs. In contrast, the Overtones parameter controls the position of the bow.

Drive allows you to bring out complex harmonics, and the Filter parameter controls a resonant low-pass filter.

One of the cool things about Atoms is that it lets the user decide how deep they want to go. It comes with over 250 excellent presets for instant musical results, or you can explore the depth of the network by applying modulation sources (Sine, Saw, Drift) to the six main parameters.

You also have some global parameters at the bottom of the GUI and three LFO modes available, each with distinct behavior. Baby Audio added various types of randomization to generate instant results.

The ever-evolving nature of Atoms makes it ideal for sound designers exploring complex sounds that shift in intensity and emotion over time. It’s a synth that sound designers can get lost in or rely on for speedy results.

I think it’s a steal at the intro price! In addition, UAD’s PolyMAX is a steal as February’s free gift over at Plugin Boutique!

Check out the deal: Atoms (Available for $59 until March 30th)


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  1. Has anyone else noticed that Loopcloud stopped giving away free plug-ins monthly?
    that was the main motivation for me to subscribe…

    • Maybe they are taking a break, or reworking the system so people can’t share the code.. Or maybe they just gave up after seeing so many people sharing or begging for a code that comes with a sub as low as $1.

      • Did they share it? Oh, that is bad. I loved some of those plugins, but I would otherwise use something free instead of them.
        I hope they figure out something better than giving the same code to everyone, that is the worst solution. I can imagine it backfired.
        Both companies are owned by Looopmasters, am I right?

        • Yes, the codes have been getting shared in the comments here, and on various forums, blogs, and discords, for a long time.. A pretty big oversight by loopcloud to be honest.

          The last freebie, they generated individual pluginboutique links to use alongside the code aswell, but it seemed like people were able to use other peoples links aswell. This is what leads me to believe they might be taking a pause to try and rework how they distribute them. :)

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