Tilr Debuts FREE Time1 And Gate1 Plugins For Windows


Tilr launched the Time1 delay and Gate1 gate and volume control plugins, free Windows releases available via GitHub repositories. 

The developer describes Time1 as an open-source delay modulator similar to plugins like Gross Beat or TimeShaper, while Gate1 is an envelope generator for gate and volume control.

Both plugins are VST3 releases only, and the source code is available for perusal on Tilr’s GitHub account, TiagoLr.

There is a user demo of Time1 on YouTube if you want to check it out, although there do not seem to be any demos currently available for Gate1.

Now, let’s dig into the plugins individually. 

The Time1 delay is versatile and can be used for creative sound design, with options beyond a standard delay. 

Tilr lists the potential applications for Time1: stutter effects, tape stop, glitch, reverse, scratch, pitch shift, and more.

The plugin has a multi-segment editor and 12 patterns triggered by MIDI notes. 

The best way to see how this works is to watch a demo of the plugin, which showcases how broad the delay possibilities are due to this highly customizable design. 

Even if you haven’t fully worked out all the finer details of the plugin, just playing around can yield some striking and unique sounds, for example, while working with drum loops. 

The delay also has a Paint mode, with options like erase, line, saw up, and saw down, as well as a choice of Point types like hold, curve, s-curve, and stairs. 

The Anti-clicking features have three modes (off, low, high), a pre and post-waveform display, and a MIDI trigger mode. 

Now, let’s look at Gate 1. This gate and volume control share many of the features of Time1.

For Gate1, Tilr has again included a multi-segment editor, 12 patterns triggered by MIDI notes, Paint mode, Point type, MIDI trigger mode, and a pre and post-waveform display.

Other features include a tempo sync or LFO rate (Hz), attack and release controls, and a global tension control.

Time1 and Gate1 are ports of the previous JSFX releases of the same plugins, this time coded in C++. 

Tilr has been quite prolific with these JSFX Reaper plugins, as he has created 13 effects and 6 synths in this format, all available via his GitHub account.

Download: Time1 & Gate1 (FREE)


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  1. Tilr originally released these in JSFX format for Reaper, so if you use Reaper definitely check them out (they are not at all as buggy as these VST versions). He’s also made some simple JSFX synths that are fun to play around with together with these modulation/filter/dynamics plugins.

    • I saw that as well. I can’t see if it’s only for a limited time or permanently, but I’m guessing that people who are on their email list knows.

      • Found info about it under the news section:

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