Trailbender Is A FREE Delay Multi Effect Plugin By Signal Perspective


Signal Perspective released the free Trailbender delay-based multi-effects plugin for Windows and Mac.

Trailbender is a versatile plugin that can be set to act as a mod FX, pitch shifter, synthesizer, and more.

The developer Giorgio Presti explained that the origin of the Trailbender came when he developed a tool to show his students “how a delay line can be tweaked to act as a mod FX, a pitch shifter, a synthesizer, and other things.”

The developer continues, “With time, I found myself using it in many real-world scenarios, so I decided to release it.”

Trailbender is delay-based, but Presti prefers not to call it a delay and instead refers to it as a tool to achieve three goals. 

The goals are helping students understand how effects are realized, allowing people to design their own delay-based effects, and providing delay-based effects as easy-to-use presets.

The Trailbender’s features include numerous units of measure for the time parameter, several saturation flavors, a mute button, dry-wet locking, and a comments space to take notes that are saved together with the preset or plugin instance.

The developer has provided several modulation waveforms, including custom external signals. Additionally, the saturation and filters can be applied before the DDL, after the DDL, or on the feedback loop.

In a nice ease-of-use feature, only the knobs that are currently affecting the audio light up on the interface and those that affect the stereo image are shown in blue.

There are additional advanced settings that can be accessed via the arrow in the upper right corner of the info display. There are also tooltips included, so you don’t have to constantly have your nose in a user manual.

It’s simple to download the Trailbender files, as no login or personal details are required. All you have to do is hit the download button, and you’ll get a zipped folder straight away.

Users have the option of downloading either a Windows installer or doing a manual install on Windows or Mac.

The plugin is available for VST3 and AU for Mac and VST3 on Windows. Trailbender can also be run as a standalone application straight from the executable without any installation process needed.

All of Signal Perspective’s software is made available for free, and there is the option to support the developer via a PayPal donation on the product page.

Download: Trailbender (FREE)


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