SunBurnt Is A New FREE Convolution Reverb Plugin

19 released the SunBurnt convolution reverb plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

SunBurnt is a 64-bit plugin available in VST3, AU, and CLAP formats, and the developer offers both free and paid versions. 

The free version has a banner on the interface, which is the only point of difference between the two versions. 

The Zip file for the free version can be downloaded via a one-click process on Unplugred’s Patreon page.

The paid version is unlocked by joining’s Patreon, and paying $5 a month on Patreon enables users to download versions of the plugins without a banner at the bottom. describes SunBurnt as a “unique reverb plugin whose characteristics you can draw in the form of a curve.”

Due to this design, the developer suggests a range of possibilities with the plugin, such as a reverse reverb with an oscillating lowpass and a tail that starts panned left and ends up panned right.

Another suggested application is a reverb “with a tail that goes wub wub wub wub, and the end of the tail is pitched up an octave.”

Reducing the Density parameter can produce more chaotic and textural results, while reducing Density to zero makes the plugin enter a multi-tap delay mode

You can also sync the output to the BPM by holding ctrl while dragging the length knob.

The developer notes that the plugin is somewhat CPU-heavy due to SunBurnt’s extensive use of convolution.

They advise increasing the buffer size if you run into any problems due to this. 

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an audio demo of SunBurnt available at this point. 

Like all of’s plugins, SunBurnt has quite an unconventional and quirky user interface. is a one-person show run by a developer called Melody, who exclusively releases open-source plugins.

Melody began making their own plugins because they were “frustrated with the current offerings”.

Melody notes that their plugins do not feature any kind of emulation, because they “are completely a result of my own exploration of code and sound, and as a result some of them are good, while others not so much.”

So if that kind of do-it-yourself ethos appeals to you, check out the website, which currently features 10 plugins.

Check out the deal: SunBurnt (Paid version – 5$ monthly on Patreon / FREE version)


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  1. I checked out uplugred site’s and downloaded all of the plugins… Holy, they are great!
    The multiband distortion is what I’ve been searching for a long time, and it’s good.
    The delay and reverb plugin are sound desing heaven (or madness, if you will)
    I fell in love instantly with all of uplugred’s plugins

      • cont’d: More specifically, the ‘’ font.

        The wall plug graphic isn’t great but it’s serviceable. However that font choice doesn’t work at all.

        • I just looked at it again and scratch that: the wall plug logo is really bad too.

          It’s weird that the dev seems to have a really good eye in some ways yet can’t see how crappy their logo is. Lol

          Ah well, the plugins themselves are good and that’s what matters most.

  2. Good!

    Nice UI animation. Shimmer + High Pass curve down with resonance (4.0 ) + half density + Dry&Wt on max = sound from space :D

    • Additional note: Have to use Google Chrome, and add a download extension to it to be able to download, but that was quickly done.

    • Lot’s of seemingly good stuff here, some of which BPB have covered in the past. But perhaps the sheer scale of offerings all in one place deserve its own article @ Tomislav? :D

  3. Fracture Sounds has released Violin Textures, the fifth instalment of their Blueprint series (Kontakt Player compatible):

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