Electric Keys By Karanyi Sounds Is FREE With Any Purchase


During March, you can redeem Electric Keys by Karanyi Sounds for free with any active purchase at ADSR Sounds.

This plugin can be a great addition to any producer seeking the classic 80s and 90s sound of electric pianos and keys like those found in the iconic Yamaha DX7 keyboard.

If you’re a music producer on a budget and don’t own the original hardware, this can be a great option to consider.

Electric Keys includes four sound sources sampled from the aforementioned Japanese synthesizer, including the famous Los Angeles electric piano sound.

The plugin’s interface looks inspiring, with lots of creative potential even with few controls.

On the left, you can select and blend the sound sources and layers to sculpt your desired sound with controls over the Volume, Fine, Octave range, and LO(Low-pass)/HI(High-pass) filters to shape the tone.

In the Modulations section, you can add some Tremolo and Wow to get your patches moving and swirling in pure nostalgic vibes.

The Shape section features the traditional controls of an ADSR envelope to shape, as the name implies, the volume behavior of the patch.

On the right of Electric Keys, you can find a mini effect rack consisting of two modules: Vapor Dimension MK2 and Ethos Space.

Each of them includes several DSP algorithms for spacious effects that can instantly transform your pure electric pianos into lush cinematic and ambient soundscapes.

At the bottom of the plugin, a Smart randomization section resides.

This is a company’s trademark feature set to be found in other Karanyi Sounds products, where you can select the section of the instrument to be ‘smartly’ randomized.

There’s even a funny Surprise button with a smile logo for a complete randomization of the current patch to be inspired and, possibly, surprised.

At the bottom right is the FX Dry/Wet section, where you can blend the amount of processing of each module independently for maximum control.

The navigation within the plugin looks intuitive, with a well-implemented preset management system, where even each effect module has its own presets.

Overall, Electric Keys draws inspiration from the sound of yesterday but adds some interesting sound design options to easily come up with new sounds. 

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  1. Karanyi Sounds offered it free from their website back in November. So I have already picked up this one.

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