MOD Audio Guitar Amp Suite Now Available As FREE Desktop App


Mod Audio has released the FREE Mod Audio Desktop App, which allows you to connect between any of their plugins, crafting unique signal chains.

This release isn’t your typical guitar amp sim. Nor is it something you’ll regularly use in your DAW. That said, there is something immediately exciting about the MOD Audio desktop app.

I’ve got a passing familiarity with MOD Audio and their pedals, at least after being a part of the Neural Amp Modeler groups online.

If you want a cost-effective take on the amp capture, MOD Audio does NAM and AIDA-X, which might be more enticing than your Kemper, TONEX, and other pedals offering the same sort of tech.

The desktop app is a funny beast, not really readily integrating into most conventional workflows. I could see it being a major pain if you want to record sessions into your DAW for mixing, sequencing, arrangement, and so forth.

However, as a place for fiddling about and getting creative, there is plenty to love here. You’ve got the aforementioned guitar-centric tools like NAM, cabinet loaders, and a motley assortment of drive, boost, and other pedal emulations.

Where it starts to depart from the typical offering of an amp sim suite is the inclusion of MIDI modules. Now, MIDI is nothing new for guitarists, my Helix Stomp responds to program change messages from the DAW or a footswitch controller.

No, instead, the MIDI modules here are decidedly synthy. Your average guitarist covering Sultans of Swing might have zero use for a drum sequencer or synth modules, but I think it makes for an exciting chance to create something wholly different.

MOD Audio Desktop comes with the full routing of MIDI and CV signals, making it an excellent companion to something like a modular setup or a desktop synth like the Mother-32 or Neutron.

The desktop app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, so you’ve got quite a few options for testing it on your system.

My biggest complaint is that you only have a web interface to use. Having it with a dedicated application window would work better for my peace of mind, but it works fine as it stands.

Download: MOD Audio Desktop App (FREE)


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