Get 9 Muze Sound Libraries For FREE Until March 15th


From now until the 15th of March, you can grab nine (9!) Muze sound libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt for the low cost of… nothing. The catch, though, is that you’ll need to install the Waya Downloader software to download the libraries to your computer.

I guess March is just a month for freebies. We’re already off to a strong start with the VCA Compressor from the fine folks at Softube.

You might need an instrument or two to pad out the bucket of freebies going forward in the month. Thankfully, the folks over at Waya and Muze agree with you. 

So, what’s included in this Muze freebie deal?

You have Aquamarine, which is a cinematic pad machine. With nearly 3GB of samples and 144 presets, you’ll have plenty of time for inspiration in this set.

Of course, you need drums, which Muze Drums more than covers. You’ve got kits covering techno, hip-hop, trap, and anything else you might want to make.

However, that’s just scratching the surface as you’ve got libraries covering pianos, atmospheres, bass, and even effects.

Of special note is Mello, which is always a personal favorite of mine. I don’t know what it is about the Mellotron family of instruments, but I am always captivated by the real but very flawed nature of those captured sounds.

Mello captures that with some degree of accuracy, easily giving that warbly instant Boards of Canada vibe. If you’ve been looking for that tapey flute sound, then you’re in luck.

The pianos I can take or leave, I’ve never been huge on keyboard instruments. Someone else is likely more qualified to chime in with how accurately these nail the particular characteristics of the instruments they’re sampling.

They are bonafide grand pianos, but I know a lot can go pear-shaped when capturing those.

If you’re new to music production, there isn’t much reason why you’d want to pass this offer up. You can readily download things at your leisure to stash them elsewhere on a cloud drive or an external SSD.

One drawback is you’ll need the full retail version of Native Instrument’s Kontakt to make the most of these. I know we’ve done a lot with the Kontakt Player libraries as of late, but you’ll need the full version to use all of the libraries on offer.

Another thing worth pointing out is that you’ll need to download and install the Waya Downloader software. It’s a utility used to download and install the Muze libraries on your computer.

UPDATE: LINK REMOVED. Several BPB readers reported that they didn’t trust the required Waya Downloader, so we decided to remove the link from the article.

Download: Muze libraries (FREE – full version of Kontakt required; offer ends on March 15th)


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  1. Waya Downloader is like an extension of Google Chrome, so it is an easy installation. It is not like installing a download manager, or portal

      • You don’t have to install Google Chrome on your computer, can’t you use Google Chrome Portable, keep it on an USB stick, as promoted by PortableApps ?

        • Sending browser data to a yhirf party extension made by some company no one heard of rises concerns about privacy respect.
          I will skip this offer because of this. It’s too unsual.

  2. Has anyone found a way to download the Celesta and Strings in the more downloads section? I haven’t found a way to download anything in the more downloads section

  3. I downloaded this but I’m a bit confused. Aquamarine has exactly 1 preset, not the 144 in the article. Seems like these are “try-it-out” freebie versions rather than the full version. Don’t waste your time and bandwidth. Nothing to see here.

  4. Waya is not even their own extension, it’s a crappy third party “money saving” app that Chrome webstore states it can “read and change all your data on all websites”… Yeah, I’m not installing that!

    I personally don’t think BPB should be promoting this kind of underhanded marketing **…

  5. Jonathan Franzen


    A google search for “Waya Downloader” yields exactly two (2!) results: the waya site itself with the muze offer and, yes, this very page we’re on right now. That’s way(a) to hot for me…
    It’s a pity since I recently grabbed a very good piano from muze and would have liked to add more of that quality. But no, thanks, seems to me to be the direct route to an infected pc…

  6. The Full Kontakt only info should appear in the article title ! Or at least right at the beginning please.

    • And the Kontakt version required should be in the article. I think it’s 5, but you’d have to individually click on every single entry and read the specs. It’d be great if the author could do this once and save everyone else a lot of time having to individually repeat the process.

  7. I like this offer a lot, much great stuff for Kontakt free, and the Waya Downloader I had no problems with, I just right clicked the links and the downloads went fast and smooth

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