Vox Samples Releases FREE Fire Boy Bass Plugin


Vox Samples is back again with another free release, the Fire Boy Bass. Similar to Vox Samples’ previous efforts, the plugin features the same cute interface and minimal controls.

Fire Boy goes for bass enhancement rather than other forms of processing. Now, you might find yourself reaching for RBass or LoAir still after all these years, but Fire Boy might just be worth a look.

You’ve got three knobs in total, which doesn’t really amount to much. However, what it does with these three knobs is the real heart of the plugin’s function.

Freq refers to the frequency, which allows you to tune toward the fundamentals of your bass, kick, sub, or whatever else needs enhancing.

Intensity brings heat and body based on the fundamentals of your sound, operating similarly to other bass enhancers where the core of the sound is maintained but additional harmonics and heft are added.

To cap it all off, you have an output gain knob, which allows you to further dial in how much of the sound you want heard. A mix knob would be nice, but thankfully DAWs like Reaper make it a piece of cake to just dial things in as needed.

Fire Boy Bass is my favorite of the Vox Samples releases so far. Unlike previous releases with multiple flavors of the same sort of processing, I’m noticeably light on bass-specific tools.

When you’re working in something like DnB, techno, or other low-end focused genres, dialing in your bass and sub is absolutely crucial. I found Fire Boy was able to help elevate Reeses and Donks with ease while letting me maintain a semblance of order to my mix.

For the low cost of nothing, it is worth looking at. At any rate, it’ll help cut you free from any Waves Update Plan you might have coming up.

Now, this certainly isn’t the first processor of its ilk seen in the free arena. Tone Projects still have the excellent Basslane. To really make the most of that, I find the premium version is worth it.

All in all, Fire Boy Bass works well and is straight to the point.

Download: Fire Boy Bass (FREE)


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  1. ALthough the background image are cool, the GUI is kinda minimal, with this old school style knob with just a direction indicator and not a range from default position indicator (like kilohearts plugins and many other), there is no input/output meter etc.

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