Kiive Audio Releases NFuse Bus Processor (50% OFF Intro Price)


Kiive Audio released the NFuse Bus Processor, and the plugin is now available at an introductory price of $100, a solid 50% off the list price of $200.

The latest Kiive Audio plugin for Mac and Windows is a bus processor that combines the characteristics of the Neve MBT and SSL Fusion, which are leading hardware processors. 

There are six main modules for the NFuse: input, saturation, EQ, compression, stereo controls, and output.

Each module has a switch at the top, where you can choose between N or F modes. The former gives you the flavor of the Neve MBT, and the latter provides the flavor of the SSL Fusion. 

You can also rearrange the signal chain, providing a huge range of flexibility. 

Architects and Bring Me The Horizon producer Henrik Udd weighed in on the NFuse’s capabilities, saying, “This plugin is totally insane! I love it so much. I’m replacing 6-8 plugins on the mix bus with this, and it sounds so much better.”

Udd has hit the nail on the head there, as having a comprehensive selection of high-quality modules in one window is a real game-changer for workflow. 

If you’re used to using individual plugins to achieve each of these tasks, then an adjustment may be required as each module has fewer parameters than a dedicated plugin typically has. 

That said, the set-up of the parameters for the NFuse is very similar to the hardware units that inspired it, so it is logical to do it that way. 

If you want to try it out for yourself without putting cash down, there is a 14-day free trial available. 

Kiive Audio has produced a short introductory video on the NFuse and a 21-minute overview video, where Canadian audio engineer Malcolm Owen-Flood breaks down the modules with plenty of audio samples of the beast in action.  

Kiive Audio states that the NFuse “merges the best of both worlds, featuring a classic analog character with modern precision from two of the most renowned bus processors on the market.”

The developer adds that with the “wide range of tonal options between the units, you aren’t just getting two flavors of the same thing, but two powerhouse units in one.”

NFuse is a 64-bit plugin compatible with Windows 7 or newer and Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, with 10.14+ recommended.

Check out the deal:  NFuse (50% OFF intro sale – $100)


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