99Sounds Releases FREE Glitch Textures Sample Library


Our indie sound design label 99Sounds has just released a brand new FREE sample pack called Glitch Textures.

It is a free collection of electromagnetic field noises and glitches captured by Marcel Gnauk of Free To Use Sounds.

It follows the previous popular releases of Nature Sounds and World Sounds, created by the same author and published by 99Sounds.

Glitch Textures contains 25 stereo audio recordings in 24-bit WAV format, with a 192 kHz sampling rate for maximum detail.

Detailed metadata is also embedded in the audio file descriptions.

You’ll find electricity sounds such as hums, buzzes, static, various computer noises, and digital glitches.

The collection is similar to the previous Electricity Sound Effects release but contains longer recordings that are more suitable for layering and sound design applications.

The audio files are of the highest quality, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (or should I say noise-to-noise in this scenario? 😉).

All joking aside, the audio provided is very detailed, with various interesting tones and textures to explore.

What’s more, each file is about a minute long, so there’s plenty of material to dive into.

I love these unusual types of sample recordings as they can inspire creative sound design sessions.

The most common use would be to use these recordings for multimedia scenarios where you’re scoring a few scenes with malfunctioning electrical equipment, for example.

If you’re more adventurous and want to use them in a music production environment, the possibilities are endless.

You could import some files into a sampler and scan for interesting sounds that could be tuned to work as synthetic melodic sources.

Another use would be to layer them underneath a digital synth sound to add texture and grain through creative filtering and layering.

For even crazier results, you could even think of creating an entire song with just these sounds, chopped, processed, and reworked for different purposes.

It’s a creative limitation I’d encourage you to try, as it can push you into uncharted territories of experimentation and pure sonic fun.

It’s also more likely to produce a unique and coherent result because you’re creating a piece by working with the same original material.

Wherever the inspiration takes you, feel free to leave a comment about how you’re using these sounds and consider donating to support more great releases from 99sounds.

Download: Glitch Textures (FREE or pay what you want)


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