Reflex Acoustics Releases FREE Reflex Spectrum Analyzer Plugin


Reflex Acoustics released the Reflex Spectrum Analyzer, a freeware audio analysis plugin for Mac and PC. 

Reflex Acoustics describes the release as an analyzer designed for low-end detail.

The plugin is available in VST3 for PC and VST3 and AU for Mac. The developer says support for AAX is “coming soon.” 

The Reflex Spectrum Analyzer includes standard features such as stereo compression and the ability to tilt and smooth the display.

The point of difference for this analyzer is its ability to show responsive and granular bass information. 

Reflex Acoustics states that the plugin “uses four 512-element FFT analyses in a multiband configuration with distinct sample rates, chosen to optimize the distribution of the resulting 1,024 frequency bins across the audible range.”

Furthermore, the design “achieves low-end bin spacing of just 0.7Hz, equivalent to that of a single 65,536-element FFT.”

The combined frequency amplitude spectrum is displayed in a streamlined fashion on a semitone log scale covering 11 octaves from 10 Hz to 20 kHz, producing 132 frequency bands. 

The developer explains that “While the laws of information theory prevent us from viewing low-frequency information at high resolution in both the time and frequency domains simultaneously, Reflex brings you closer to what’s possible.”

Now, let’s look at the features. The spectrum analyzer has a 90 dB range, adjustable smoothing across frequency and time, Left-Right and Mid-Side stereo modes and a short-term (i.e. three second) LUFS display.

The plugin supports common sample rates ranging from 44.1 to 384 kHz

The adjustable spectrum tilt can be set to 0, 3 dB, or 4.5 dB per octave, while the peak frequencies are displayed on a chromatic scale (calculated without tilt.)

Reflex Acoustics has provided an adjustable interface size via the S, M, and L buttons. 

You can also click or drag over the spectrum display to audition specific frequencies, and the vertical position controls the filter width.

The plugin can connect a second signal via sidechain input to compare spectra. If you’re using the AU format for the plugin, you will also need to click Sidechain Compare.

The release of the Reflex Spectrum Analyzer tops off a busy start to 2024 for Reflex Acoustics.

The developer launched its new Base Reflex plugin in February, which is an automatic dynamic and saturation tool.

Reflex Acoustics has also made various updates to its entire plugin inventory over the first few months of the year. 

If you like savings, there are several free releases offered by the developer, as well as several paid products. 

Download: Reflex Spectrum Analyzer (FREE)


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      Steve Charlton


      It’s crazy how much free stuff there is now. Back when I was a teenager you paid big bucks for stuff that you can get for free all over the place now.

  1. Sweet! While not their site -check out their other plugins. They have a few freebies and the ones that are paid have a great demo policy. Some interesting plugins in there that I’m excited to check out – particularly the proximity encoder. Surprised I’d not heard of this dev before now. Thanks for the tip!

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