Flowsonics Releases FREE Zipper Delay Plugin For Windows And Mac


Developer Flowsonics released Zipper, a free delay plugin for Windows and Mac.

Today’s choice isn’t quite like most delays you’ll find. Even when looking at the selection of free and paid delays, they all offer a bevvy of controls meant to give usability across many different scenarios.

Zipper by Flowsonics is a delay but is best suited for sound design purposes rather than a workhorse.

The plugin works best if you’re looking to create zipper noises, but it serves well in other capacities. You can yield some interesting results using it for sound design purposes, depending on your source material.

There are rather slim controls for achieving the effect, but they work well to get the desired results.

Snap has two main parameters, a mode selector and the snap speed. The mode selector allows you to pick whether you’re looking to use the top line, bottom line, or a loop alternating between the two. Snap speed dictates how fast the effect snaps into place.

Next up is the Control tab, which has a single Zipper parameter. This is the actual delay line’s timing. You can adjust it as desired, but I found it yielded great results in the default position when you instantiate the plugin.

Rounding out the controls is the Output tab. You’ve got a recovery parameter, which dictates how fast it takes for the sound to return to its original pitch. You’ve got a mix knob as well, which can be useful for automating throughout a build-up, drop, or what have you.

Now, I can’t personally say I’ve had a great need for a zipper sound effect in my own musical output, but perhaps I’ve been missing out.

This is a highly unusual delay, and it accomplishes its goal with a dedicated focus. The top line has a delay time of 0 ms, with the bottom going to 100 ms. As you can imagine, this doesn’t really relegate to uses on a melodic line.

Zipper works best when creating bespoke sound effects for a track. For the cost, it certainly is worth a look and a punt if you’re in the mood for more sound design effects.

Download: Zipper (FREE)


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