Aviary Audio Releases FREE Hamburger Distortion Plugin


Aviary Audio’s Hamburger is a delicious distortion plugin that is currently available as a free alpha for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Hamburger is available via a ‘pay what you like’ format, which can be $0 or more if you wish to support the developer. 

Aviary Audio describes Hamburger as a “distortion plugin with inbuilt dynamics controls and equalization that can deliver both subtle tangy harmonics and absolute annihilation and noise-wall-ification to any sound.”

Hamburger is currently in version 0.3, and will later be made into a complete version, which will also be released for free.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any demos of Hamburger in action at the moment.

There’s a lot to take in on the Hamburger user interface, although I have to say the visual direction is quite striking and really catches your eye.  

Aviary Audio states the plugin allows you control over the distortion tone via a range of parameters which together can produce totally unique timbres.

Furthermore, Hamburger allows you to “Compress and shape the dynamics of your sound before distorting to make your synths and instruments punchy and juicy. You can provide subtle flare, texture, and grit to a sound that didn’t have one.”

In addition to having a good idea for visuals, the developer clearly has a way with words, as they wrap the description up with “You can also hit the pedal to the metal, go crazy with the knobs and enter sonic territories that other distortion plugins would be TERRIFIED to enter.”

The 0.3 release features several updates. Aviary Audio states that the “tube algorithm now is closer to old-school Hamburger Tube distortion” and that the bias behavior for the tube distortion has been improved. 

There is a new diode waveshaper distortion added to the grill, and performance improvements have been made. There is also now support for oversampling on the distortion and post-clipping modules, higher sample rates, and an increased range for most knobs. 

Hamburger has seven sections, consisting of LR Comp, Grill Saturation, Emphasis, Allpass, Sizzle Noise, Clipper, and Utility. 

The Grill Saturation is the central section with a big Saturation knob, and each of the seven sections has its own control schemes. There is also a visual representation of the signal on the top right. 

Hamburger is available in VST3, CLAP, and AU formats.

Download: Hamburger (FREE / Name-your-price)


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