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Usine by Sensomusic, a cool modular VST host program suitable both for live and studio use is now on a Christmas sale!

Usine is a modular VST host by Sensomusic.

Usine is a modular VST host by Sensomusic.

It is now available for purchase with a 50% discount which means you can get the full version for 60€ instead of the regular 120€. This Christmas special discount price will be active until January 15th, 2011.

Here is a short introduction to Usine:

Usine is a unique piece of audio software designed for live and/or studio use. Usine was created out of the need for a flexible software solution for spontaneous electronic music creation, including live sampling, effect processing, and sound design. Usine provides the user with the ability to host VSTs, process and route audio and midi, and design personalized virtual control interfaces. Usine is a modular environment, meaning that you can build your personal live audio control setup exactly as you want by connecting modules within a patch.

By purchasing the Pro licence of Usine, you will get rid of the Usine Free version limitations and gain access to all 32 tracks with 32 patches per track, sequencer mode, etc.

Video Demo

Here is a video of controling Usine with a touch screen:



Main features of Sensomusic Usine:

  • Process sound modularly: create patches with modules and connect them by virtual wires very simply.
  • Analyse input or generated sound, for example pitch, peaks or dynamics to create adaptive effects which can modify any parameter in real time.
  • Organize patches, sounds, and effects on a timeline with the sequencer mode. Create complex automation curves.
  • Use the built-in virtual mixing table to mix the sound produced by different patches on each track (up to 32).
  • Create huge, creative or stupid audio routing within the mixing table. For example, routing a patch output to another patch input, or create a virtual master effect send and return, etc.
  • Manage 32 external audio sources and apply different effects to any of them.
  • Create flexible Surround projects: all audio tracks are natively 16.0. The output sound can be routed to any of the 32 available outputs, depending on your sound card.
  • Route audio or midi from one track to another in your favorite host (VST version)
  • Create insert patches on any input or output channel. For example a master limiter or a master reverb.
  • Complete VST® processing: You can use any VST instrument or effect in patches and modify any VST Parameter in real time. Create simple front-end interfaces for your VSTs.
  • Complete MIDI automation: assign any Usine visual object to a midi controller very easily by using the right click midi-learn command. Complete integration of motorized external controllers.
  • Complete MIDI input/output management for VSTi instruments or external expanders.
  • Load up to 512 patches in memory in a grid and activate them as you want in real time.
  • Unlimited scene memorization, recalled manually or according to a precise SMPTE code.
  • Synchronize patches and VST plug-ins with a master tempo. Use unusual and absurd tempos from 0! To 10000000000!
  • Record your creations directly on the hard disk in real time: separate tracks, inputs and outputs.
  • All Usine functions are real-time, and you can resample, modify, input sound on the fly.
  • Of course, save patches, complete setups, and configurations, for very quick adaptation to different projects.
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo.
  • Use any sample rate supported by your Asio sound card. Usine has a 32 bit floating-point audio engine.
  • Unlimited number of internal Audio, Data and Midi buses
  • Pascal-like scripting capabilities which allow for the creation of new audio and midi processing modules.
  • Full Open Sound Control (OSC) compatibility to communicate with other computers connected to the network or Internet.
  • C++ programmers can easily create new graphic and control modules using the SDK.
  • Use the video tracker to modify sound parameters with a camera.
  • Play videos and synchronize audio very simply.
  • Usine is fully touch and multi-touch enabled.


Purchase Usine Pro: click here
Sensomusic Website: click here

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