Audec Releases FREE Transient Shaper Plugin For macOS And Windows


The Audec Transient is a free transient shaper available to download for macOS and Windows in VST3 and AU formats.

Audec describes the plugin as a “transient shaping effect that adjusts the dynamics of the percussive sound. It can make the attack part of the sound punchy or soft and the release part fat or tight.”

The plugin is available via a “name a fair price” model, and you can access the download without making a payment. You can get a link to the download after providing an email address on the form, with no other personal information required. 

The product page hosts a ‘no talking’ demo that showcases how the parameters of the plugin act on a signal. 

The Transient features five sections, which are Scope, Input, Shaper, Clip and Output. 

The Scope graphic display shows the input and output waveform, with the input being displayed by the dark yellow area and the output displayed by the light yellow line.

The Shaper is the main event for Transient and allows you to adjust the dynamics. It features the following parameters: Attack Gain, Release Gain, Attack Time and Release Time.

The Clip section allows you to apply soft clipping and features a Hardness knob that alters the hardness of the shaping curve. There is also a toggle that turns this section on and off. 

The input and output do exactly what you’d expect, with Gain and Volume being the only parameters for these sections respectively. 

The developer has included a shift and drag fine-tune mode for the knobs, as well as the ability to reset knobs to the default value with a double click. 

Audec’s Transient has been kicking around for a while, with the initial Mac release dropping in 2019, quickly followed by the Windows release. The most recent update added Apple Silicon support. 

The system requirements are listed as Windows 10 64-bit (VST3) and macOS 10.11 – 11 (Intel/Apple Silicon) 64-bit (VST3, AU.)

Audec has released nine plugins, eight of which are free releases. The Audec lineup features seven effects plugins, a handclap synthesizer and a vectorscope.

The Shape 2 ($29) dual-stage waveshaper and wavefolder is the only paid release, although even that has a free version, the Shape Lite 2.

Download: Transient (FREE / Name-your-price)


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  2. Nice! Along with this one they have some other cool little freebies on their site, all through Gumroad. Couple clicks and they’re yours. Easy easy!

      • No, it’s the same version that I’ve got. It’s from 2019, but I think I downloaded it some time last year. I don’t know when exactly it became free. But it’s a nice plugin as well as the other ones they offer for free.

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