minitron – Free Korg Monotron Emulation By easytoolz

minitron by easytoolz.

minitron by easytoolz.

easytoolz has released minitron, a free Korg Montron emulation in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Here’s a new toy for the masses, a “Emu” of the Korg Monotron, it is not a real Emulation, more a Adaption of the simple but effective. Structure of the Korg Minisynth with a little “moogysh” Sound… One Osc (saw) – one LFO (pulse) one “moogysh” LP-filter. Overdrive and Mastervolume – monophon – 16 Patches.

minitron is available for free download via easytoolz.


Download minitron: click here
easytoolz Website: click here

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