Free Korg MS-20 Multi-Sampled Ableton Live Instrument Pack


Ableton Liveschool has released Free Synth Pack #2, a rather large free collection of Korg MS-20 analogue synthesizer samples for Ableton Live (individual AIFF samples are also included).

I usually don’t get very excited about new Ableton Live freebies (simply because I use other programs to create music), however every once in a while there comes a free Ableton Live pack which really blows my mind. This latest free instrument from Ableton Liveschool definitely falls into that rare category.

The pack contains twelve multi-sampled instrument patches, adding up to 468 samples in total. The included patches can be used in any version on Ableton Live, however the pack also contains the AIFF versions of all included samples. What this means is that you can use these sounds in any DAW or sampler instrument on the market. If your instrument of choice doesn’t support the AIFF format, you can convert the samples to WAV format with a free batch conversion utility such as dBpoweramp.

But that’s not all! The included samples are 100% royalty free, which means that you can use them in your free or commercial music projects, absolutely free of charge. Great stuff!

OK, but are these samples any good?

I’m a big fan of the raw and gritty sound of the Korg MS-20 myself and this little pack perfectly captures the untamed spirit of this legendary analogue beast. I’ve made a couple of quick SFZ patches this morning just to try out the samples with Beat Zampler and I really liked what I’ve heard. The pack offers a nice selection of classic MS-20 bass and lead sounds, along with the raw waveforms which can be used to create your own presets from scratch.

It’s also worth noting that most of the patches include every note across five octaves (!) which is something that we don’t see very often even in commercial libraries. Since all of the notes are sampled individually, there are no nasty pitching artifacts when the patch switches from one sample to another.

On the other hand, there are no round robins or multiple velocity inside the pack, but perhaps that would be simply too much to get for free. I’ve created a few similar sample packs myself (you can download them for free from our free samples page), and trust me when I say that recording and trimming multi-samples such as these takes A LOT of time and patience.

Anyways, if you liked all of this, visit the product page linked below and grab your free copy of the pack. Please note that you’ll be asked to enter your name and email address prior to downloading, however there’s no email verification involved. Once you submit the requested info, you’ll be taken directly to the download page.

By the way, the download page also includes the download link for Ableton Liveschool’s Roland SH-101 freebie pack which is also pretty neat. Enjoy!


Free Synth Pack #2 is available for free download via Ableton Liveschool (94.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 468 audio samples in AIFF format, ready for use with Ableton Live).

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