Krakli Releases Free K200 FM Synthesizer VSTi Plugin


Krakli has introduced K200, a freeware 4 operator FM synthesizer (with 52 algorithms!) available in 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows based digital audio workstations.

K200 is the second Krakli Software plugin released this year, following the Stinger virtual synthesizer which was announced back in January. And judging by the videos available on the developer’s YouTube channel, another synthesizer called Addo2 is currently in the works, so we can definitely look forward to more Krakli goodness this year.

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Krakli’s latest freeware instrument is a 4 operator FM synthesizer, packed in a slightly unusual looking but actually rather user friendly interface. I never really mastered the art of programming FM synths, partly due to the fact that the GUI design of most FM synths out there never really clicked with me (although there are some positive examples such as Dexed).

K500, despite its somewhat rough around the edges design, is actually one of the most intuitive FM synths I’ve ever used. The control layout is very easy to comprehend and the algorithm diagram in the upper-right corner (which also works as a slider for toggling through the 52 available algorithms) is very helpful for figuring out what’s going on under the hood. The knobs don’t have any labels underneath. Instead, a visual guide on the top of the GUI shows which knob does what, and this really helps keep the interface both clean and intuitive at the same time.

Soundwise, K200 is an excellent virtual instrument. The included set of factory patches crafted by Armin Kujashi features some lovely sounding bells, pads, and most of the other classics you’d expect to hear in an FM synth. The real fun begins when you start tweaking those patches (or building your own from scratch), though, as K200 is one of those synthesizers that can hardly sound bad. Record a MIDI sequence in your DAW and play it looped while you adjust various sound parameters in K200 – you will likely end up with more than a few great sounding custom patches that you’ll want to save for later.

Other notable features include a multi-mode filter (LPF, BPF and HPF) with a filter envelope, a master tune knob and octave switch, pitch bend amount knob, portamento, mono/poly switch and MIDI learn support. The synthesizer also includes two built-in effects: a simple reverb module and a nice sounding chorus.

Due to the fact that the instrument was made with SynthEdit, it will only work in 32-bit hosts on Windows. This is the only drawback really, as pretty much all other aspects of K200 deserve a 5/5 rating. The CPU hit is surprisingly low, staying below 7% most of the time, even with heavy polyphony.

Video Demo

Check out the K200 demo video:


K200 (2.16 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows)

The plugin is hosted on BPB with permission from Krakli Software. Facebook users can download the plugin via Krakli Software’s official Facebook Group.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for hosting this, man! Hey are you checking out the test version of Mulab 7? You have mentioned it before. Neat additions and improvements aplenty—

  2. Hello, Tomislav. Please add the info about the plugin: it’s created with SynthEdit like all the Krakli’s plugins.

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